Success Pinnacles was founded by it’s CEO Hölli Vals, in July 2016.

First a little introduction to my backstory. At the age of twenty or twenty one (my memory isn’t that great,) I swallowed a handful of pills and tried to end my life. Thankfully, it was a failure. Since my teenage years, I have spent most days in depression. I spent a few months homeless, smoking weed from aluminum cans and became so detached to reality, I lost all emotional and mental connection to my daughter, she had become a total stranger. I attempt suicide twice around that time, 2013-2016, went through a very manipulative relationship, had anxiety so bad I hallucinated, couldn’t breathe and nearly collapsed out and about in society. The stress was so bad, it felt like my brain was about to simply drop dead, day by day, month after month. I finally gathered simple methods to get addiction and depression under control and to eradicate anxiety and stress.

My aim is to find the tools that anyone can use to improve their lives significantly. I have spent so much time reading and watching the most successful people on the planet, but most of them talk about billions of dollars in sales, dressed in suit and all seem to be having worked in an office most of their lives. How on earth can these people know what it means to stress over money around the middle of the every month. They all talk about having a mentor as being the most important thing on the road to success, but where does the average person find a mentor that drives around in a brand new Audi on the way to their business class flight, wearing shoes that cost more than your TV?

I came to realize that there isn’t any advice on how we can go from hopelessness to great victories in the daily lives of ordinary people. How can I use a meme from a person that payes salaries to 50 people, when I’m an employ myself. What would that person know about an empty fridge last month? And how can I be motivated to even find a job, when the tops mentors on the internet all talk about working hard to build the empire of your dreams? If everyone had their own business, then who would do the actual work? It’s not like our smartphones will dig up minerals and transport them to the factory line, and then as a finished product that we can sell using Instagram.

It seems as if the beautiful life is a closed off club to the few that are willing to take full advantage of the many opportuntities we have in this world. Just seeing these pictures of hot young women in bikinis can be a dreadful obstacle to motivation. I refuse to accept this though. I intend to figure out how an ordinary person can enter a life of no major worries, so that when life get’s really bad, we can all be prepared with proper tools to tackle the obstacles, so that they don’t become a larger issue than they already are.

I am close to finishing that chapter of my life and a book or an e-book will be compiled from around one hundred articles, and made available for free online.


The next step will be entering the current wave of Super Human Development and use those advantages to gather enough resources to begin tackling larger problems, such as homelessness, depression, addiction, anxiety and such, on a national and global scale.

Other passions are music, arts and luxury. Wether it’s my Taurus sign or just plain genetic luck, I do enjoy pleasure a lot, which can contradict heavily with the discipline needed to pursue dreams above the sky.