Judgemental People Are The Most Interesting.

It dawned upon me today, that every time I have judged someone, I’ve always had some issues myself, and usually something worse than what I have judged. We judge so that other people can’t expose the real issues in the context.
About 6 years ago, my daughter’s mom went picking her up in the kindergarten, and when they met, the little one went into a brutal aggression against her mom, blaming her for the entire world. It turned out, that my kid had been causing trouble earlier and didn’t want her mom to find out. So she did what has remianed humanity’s grown-up problem number one, from day one, and directed the attention away from her shortcomings, by making her mom look worse in comparison.

There is no fundamental difference between a typical five years old and most of our so called leaders. Israel and Palestine, it’s a kindergarten. The US and Iran, another kindergarten. The EU and Russia, Australia and China, Assad and ISIS, Al Quiada or however the f… that word is written, are all but a bunch of five years olds, holding authority they can’t manage.

Every situation that leads to political shaming and blaming, is against our very fundamental interests. We all know our leaders act like toddlers and we let them get away with it.


Because as a human race, we suck entirely as parents. We have the police to stop us from hurting each other and the law to tell us whether we are assholes or not. That is no mentality for solutions. Responsibility isn’t exactly a human favorite.

We scold our kids for things they shouldn’t do, only to submit later to our own weaknesses, somehow believing that what has failed for our parents, will somehow miraculously work for the first time in history, because we are confident enough to buy our own bs.

“Save the planet!” Most of us can’t even save money from month to month.

Those that preach massive changes, are typically dictators in the making, with egos that eventually kill the mission in favor of the new King’s ever changing lunacy of personal gratification.

So if someone judges you, try and find out what else is cooking in their heads, and of course reverse that as leverage for the humiliation an asshole needs to wake up.

It was done to me and it worked like magic!


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