Knowing Who, What And How You Are, Changes Everything.

It’s been seven days since I came to terms with what I am deepest inside, my core in it’s purest form. A master brainstormer. This discovery has re-written the entire course of my life. See, I thought I was a guitarist, but it turns out I was an improviser all along, using the guitar because it was the perfect tool to escape into creating in privacy. I have never had any vision of myself being on stage or in a recording studio. After twenty six years of obsession with that instrument, it turns out I could have chose anything else. The reason I chose the guitar was that Jimi Hendrix’s music just made a whole lot more sense to me, than anything else back when I was fifteen and afraid of being in this world. 

What I feel most alive doing, is thinking and doing simultaneously and it really doesn’t matter what it is that I do or think about. As long as it’s something that changes the world for the better, my super fast creativity and execution can be put to use. At the age of forty one, it simply makes enormous sense to be financially independent, so I can think and do whatever is most appealing from time to time. In order to become financially independent, I have decided upon the following:

  1. Collect bottles and cans to:
  2. Fund guitar accessories for street playing so that I can:
  3. Buy things and sell them with profit, in order to:
  4. Create a fund for financial growth.

Earlier this day, I walked around for a bit, dipping my right hand into garbage can after garbage can, fishing for used beverage containers to cash in for the coming weekend. I need 200 pieces to take the next step.

After figuring out my purest form, everything has changed. I used to hide this past time from my peers and wasn’t so crazy about doing this. Now I love every filthy moment of the operation and proudly announce my intent to anyone I know that I meet. Because even though they only see dirty hands and plastic bags of little value, I’m looking ten years into the future, building a visual bridge between where I am, and where I’m headed, with many details unfolding in my plan of action.

Every single time I came up empty handed, with an imported beer can that cannot be cashed in, in Denmark, I simply dropped it and moved on. Every person that saw me doing this, I didn’t really see them, I was quite busy planning what kind of guitar strings will earn me best, this coming weekend. If it will rain and I can’t go out, then it will rain and I can’t go out to play. Life is what it is. No expectations, no defeating me.

This article here is a first installment in an entrepreneurial journey in the making and marks a defining point between my past in internal struggles and my future in prosperity and abundance.

Thank you for reading and enjoy your day!


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