Understanding How To Utilize The Supercreative Mind When Your Resources Are Very Limited.

It just struck me, how I have always let my mind dictate my level of happiness when my super power of endless creativity becomes an irritation when I’m not in a position to execute. Being slowed down by external factors, such as lack of money, is a major contributor to killing ideas in a hopeful and vivid mind.

My energy swings are probably not going anywhere, my perspective however is. I’ve been in a drowsy state for a while and via proper lifestyle choices, I have managed once again, to bring myself up to my natural level of extreme creativity and productivity. What sparked my mind this time, are the titanic opportunities for running a business in Rwanda and how that ties perfectly into my larger business vision, to be explained as I progress.

What usually happens during these very so powerful mental states, is that I start acting as if I’m actually doing something and that this time around, it’s becoming an actual business, a reality. That is not true. What is happening, is that my mind is in an uncontrolled over drive, yet clarity, in searching, for opportunities. By realizing, accepting and deciding really, that my mind is not executing anything, but only searching, is a relief in itself. Maybe I will end up using 0.01% of the current ideas and add that micro portion to a few years old plan, still in the building phase. Maybe it will all go to the large pile of ideas that will never be used.

The breakthrough here, is to choose a perspective that says: “automatic mind work is a factory of dreams and not a factory of products.” This releases me from any disappointment connected with getting   nothing done. In the meanwhile, I will keep executing on things already in motion, which at this point is focus on health to build up a foundation for being a global CEO, continuous music growth of 26 years and getting back to work.

My mind is like a national holiday right now. Me? Just a guy taking tiny little steps forward everyday.

Humility and perspective precede self awareness and self awareness precedes our ability to execute.


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