Being Aware Of What Your Goals Need, Is More Important Than The Goals Themselves.

My goals need one thing more than anything, consistent health. If I don’t eat near vegan and get in the ocean every day, it’s merely a matter of time when my health starts breaking again. I went over the limit with stress some years ago and it requires extreme discipline and lifestyle choices to be at least ordinary in health. I have reached a point where I can go through the phase in depression where suicide becomes a valid choice, without falling out of reality, so my mindset is that of a conqueror. That in itself is far from enough to be able to work again though.

Another powerful sacrifice that I am exercising these days, is the elimination of relationships that can take me off target and very limited exposure to people in general, because my situation is very hard to relate to. For now I want to be healthy, but the next step is to be extremely healthy, so I can begin taking full advantage of my never ending creativity, former drive, endless inspiration, passion and entrepreneurial way of being. Most people don’t want the entrepreneur life, they have other priorities more important to them, but us rarities that do, all know how devastating the eternal fight for being positive enough to be able to, really is when we’re surrounded by people going for other things in life.

Which brings me to the headline. My biggest mistake right now, is to have being focusing on the winner’s mentality programming from sources like Impact Theory and Gary Vaynerchuk, when my main focus should be on what I eat. This is still an important daily practice to at least stay focused, let alone unwind forty years of restrictive programming, but far less important than getting back to the lifestyle that had already proven to work so well. One can argue though, that I needed to fall once more to get serious about sacrificing close relations entirely, or just about. I haven’t been able to enjoy the company recently, of those I love the most, for the sole reason that I wasn’t strong enough to defend my lifestyle, so I smiled fake smiles while thinking other thoughts.

Look closely at the obstacles that are in the way of your goals. Is it a constant internal battle just staying on track? Reaching our goals is hard enough without ourselves or other people getting in the way. All of my dreams, desires and goals are on a hold until I have managed to re-enter AND sustain the necessary lifestyle for so long I won’t even have to think about it. And that in itself is a goal.


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