How I’m Developing A Sustainable Momentum.

After a very long period of just hanging in there, patiently awaiting my lifestyle choices to finally bear fruit and reach the necessary momentum to take on a project that has been on hold for a few years, I’m finally motivated enough on a daily basis to take a few baby steps consistently and persistently. I’m still in stress recovery and my cognitive output is around four hours a day, in a relaxed and a very flexible environment.

Health is of course an absolute fundamental here. 3-4 days a week, I enter the ocean for a few minutes, preferably in the morning to stay mentally fresh, or after work to improve my sleep significantly. For exercise to be attractive through out the week, my advice is for you to do exactly what you enjoy. I pay for the gym, but don’t use it. Some play golf, others go fishing, walk into the forest to read a book or take a hike during the weekends. It’s all about enjoying the consistency and persistency.

In the very beginning of momentum finally arriving at the doorstep of our lives, it becomes very tempting to jump in on full force and take advantage of this amazing shift. The downside is that most projects are only executable by doing mostly boring things and the demotivational factor can kick in very early and kill a great idea way before it’s ripe.

By intentionally calming down and embracing the patience needed to follow through on long term assignments, I have stripped my current project into the minimum viable product, aka. how little it takes to start and decided that the deadline will shape itself. This has made me more productive and increased the speed of my creativity and focus on the job at hand, as forced situations are simply a drag.

By operating on less than my full potential at the moment, I show up every day and deliver more than my usual. It’s an interesting contradiction that one can deliver more while expecting less. My perspective has changed from perfection to growth, realizing that if my first step is a tiny little one through consistent work for undecided lenght of time, my behavior programming will build a solid foundation to rely on in the future as the project grows.

My internal and external obstacles to the end game are so many, I can’t even remember them all, but my point is that just one of them was enough to kill my momentum before. As with everything in life, shifting perspective can move mountains. Having that said, this is me, you may want to take a completely different approach.

Let me know in th comments if you’re struggling and need help.


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