This Thing With Being Stuck In A Mental Blob When You Want Success

We all know what it takes for life to move forward, for us to get closer to that life we dream about. It takes clarity and energy for the foundation and then consistency, discipline, patience and many other factors to keep moving. Some of us aren’t even on square one. It can be depression, stress, addiction, anxiety, poor diet, victim mentality or just a plain boring life, that we feel forever stuck inside of.

The tools are tried and true. Healthy eating, motion or exercise, fresh air, plenty of water and good relations with good people. Utilizing these tools can feel impossible when we are stuck in this “blob of laziness,” this haze of life going nowhere. In my life, it has usually been disgust with myself that got me going, for a day or two of empowerment and then some weeks of momentum, that usually slide ever so gently back into the blob, a tiny bit at a time, making the change back to idle-world invisible.

Not to mention the good ol’ saying:

Nothing fails like success – Robin Sharma

What Sharma meant by this in his book, The Greatness Guide, is that once we are at the mountain top, once we reach that goal, we tend to get lazy and irresponsible, and thereby not aware of how the little things pile up to a disaster below our radar, behind our back of self awareness, waiting to sweep the mountain from underneath our feet.

Being able to consistently stay out of confusion is the only real difference between who makes it and who doesn’t. The only real difference between those that regret their lives and those that don’t. Successful people often come across as a mixture of strength, positivity, confidence and lack of sympathy, because they are.

Caring for each other is a fundamental human function and so is helping. It can feel dishonest to try and stay on the path of victory, because when we first take these steps, our peers aren’t those we aspire to become and those successful people are unattainable, because they don’t reside amongst ordinary people for one reason; ordinary people aren’t willing to put in the effort of becoming extraordinary or struggle with maintaining consistent discipline that will bring them to the winning side.

Hence, the road to any success in life can feel like being stuck between two worlds you don’t belong to. One you have bid a silent farewell and one you haven’t reached yet. A grand obstacle during this transition is patience. It is no secret that suicide is a risk factor for entrepreneurs and I’m going to suggest it is grounded in loneliness and the endless defeats freedom seekers of any kind have to face, for eternity as it seems.

Parting with people whom we have spent a lot of time with, can make us feel unworthy of being human, a hurdle that any addict of alcohol and other drugs can testify to. I’m still not there enough, but my preferred strategy is to just let “unnecessary” relations fade out over time. We become like the people around us just as much as we seek the companionship of those that share our views.

What millionaires, celebrities and the likes have done to claim their immensely large share of the cake, is to stay out of that blob of confusion just long enough to enter their dream lives. The only reason ordinary people complain about them, is because deep inside, they envy that freedom. Not the money nor the fame, these things are illusions, easy to point fingers at, because having those are mere side effects of discipline over time, the factors we apply once clarity and energy are a reality. 

Those that envy success, they envy this seemingly freedom of the mind, that made it possible for those of success to sustain just long enough to make it.

You’re up next. Have fun popping that blob!


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