Success Motivation For Low Energy People.

So you have big dreams and a hard time even starting, because you don’t have the energy it takes to execute? Me too, welcome to the club. Besides eradicating depression by 2025 and travelling the world playing music every day, I would also love to cut a large hole in the wall between Palestine and Israel and make a unifying concert with a rotating stage. Believing this is possible, when doing the dishes and laundry have been major obstacles for three years, isn’t exactly motivating.

In order to keep going forward, I have scaled down my expectations and ambitions to the absolute minimum, playing music for free in tiny local clubs, on the streets and via Facebook live, because these are all easy to execute on my below average days and totally forgiveable if I can’t. I’ve simply postponed greatness, while learning to appreciate and enjoy what I have. Any positive thinker, nutritionist and reasonable exercise person can help you with increasing enjoyment in your current life, for free, on the internet.

My current plan is to let these things work out gradually and quite effortlessly while I gather promotional material with video, pictures and sound, from those micro initiatives, growing a portfolio for the future. And this blog here of course. Not to forget Instagram. PR for any advice, product or cause is free nowadays, like this very article for example.

The fundamental steps are amongst others; to see failure as bumps in the road, to accept that I’m not there yet and to live as cheaply as I can, to minimize the hours I have to work, or to have a little extra cash for Facebook ads, guitar cables and other career related expenses. It doesn’t really matter what you want to do with your life, but a great indicator of where to start, is to figure out what you’re obsessed with. It can be something that you do every day or something you used to do. Is Netflix your only interest? Ever thought about being a Netflix critic? WordPress and Facebook are waiting for you. There are so many people online now, that some of them or advertisers are bound to support you if you’re patient enough to build it slowly and often irregularly.

By approaching your passion, your obsession as a hobby instead of a business plan you can’t execute, while adding content of value online, to those that are into what you are into, you will find joy in doing a tiny little bit those days you can and before you know it, it feels like an achievement. During this time of weeks, months or even years, a business plan can be worked on on the side and irregularly over time.

I am a highly unorganized person, impossible to figure out and have zero interest in being a business owner at this moment. That awareness has held me down for many years, as I kept seeing business winners as the sole example on how to succeed. When I’m on stage and hit those magical notes, money and popularity don’t even exist. Cash is nice and praise from women I’m attracted to even better. These two are still only present for 0.00001% of my actual working time. The rest is doing what I love.

As of writing, I’m still on welfare. Stress got me good some years ago and since mid 2014 and almost daily up until the beginning of this year, I’ve been so tired I sometimes couldn’t walk my kid over the streets because my brain didn’t have energy enough to register traffic. I got close to being run over by bikes quite a few times and nearly by a bus one day, so I can relate when your greatest achievement is to turn of the alarm and the just sleep till next day, so to speak.

I know I will succeed one day at getting enough money so I don’t have to rely on work or welfare to pay the bills. Until then, it’s one note at a time. Who knows, maybe some big ass sponsor gets on my train in ten years and cuts that hole in the wall.

One more thing, I’m a master of seeing opportunity, if you feel like what you like isn’t a monetizeable opportunity, drop a comment on this post and I’ll cook up some ideas.

Be well!


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