Sadness, The Third Phase In Depression.

In my experience, there are five phases of depression. 

The first is fatigue, the burnout, when we go, or are pushed too far. After that stage, there is a limbo phase, where we linger between bed and activity. That stage can be immensely annoying, as we try to get things done, without being able to deliver. Once one is in that stage, resting is very important.

Phase four is an oblivious kind of phase, where life can become a bittersweet mixture of melancholia and all kinds of other, often overpowering, feelings that can render a human being into a zombie for a very long time, even years or decades. The fifth stage is suicide.

Stage three, sadness without a reason.

Stage three, where I am at right now, is sadness. Unexplainable sadness. I have no issues, I’m just sad and empty inside, which is weird, given the fact that my life is quite all right and acknowledging that, is how you start dealing with this phase number three.

How long it will take for me to return to phase two, then phase one and then back to the light, I do not know, but I’m hoping my methods to deal with depression, won’t take too long to work. Usually I get out of this in about a week or two if I manage to apply my methods every day.

This is what I have done successfully in the past, to get back into the light.

1. Negativity detox. No news, no politicians, no conspiracy theories and no negative people around me. The last one can be hard, just do your best.

2. Get some air, even if it only means five minutes walk to a bench.

3. Exercise. 15 minutes of sweating, followed by sauna and a cold shower has proven to be enough for me. Instant depression relief.

4. Proper nutrition. This takes time and has proven to fail almost every time I am around people; friends and family are unlikely to support a healthy lifestyle. Also when they know you have tried to kill yourself more than once. People are that way, get over it. It’s actually ok to boycott your friend’s birthday if you are serious about your health. They will complain, so brace yourself.

5. No complaining and no blaming. This is incredibly hard to do, because once you’re there, you realize that no one else does this. We people tend to copy those that are around us, and staying outside blaming and complaining can feel socially isolating.

6. Remind yourself that your life is not a concentration camp. Even if it is bad right now, remember that depression is a state of mind that has no correlation to reality, it’s an illusion at best, regardless of how real it feels.

7. Spot any negative thought as it arises and simply force it to turn around by attitude. Stop these thoughts when they come or just laugh at them: “Are you for real you fucking thought?!?” This took a lot of time to figure out and is something you should consider as a lifestyle choice. Happiness is not a choice, but many small choices every day.

What to do if you are totally hopeless right now?

Us heavily depressed people often run into trouble with friends, family, job and other places in life where our situation isn’t met with understanding. What I have done a great many times, to get relief from annoying people, is to simply lie and tell them I’m sick. It’s healthier to lie to the ignorant, than to take on more pressure.

And as always, get that fucking help!

Thank you for reading and may your future hold better days, it gets better.



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