How To Fend Off Depression in the Making – Part 2.

Consistent lifestyle choices are key to mental health.

Depression is trying to make some moves right now. Victim mentality, which always comes before depression in my experience, finally found a little crack in my attitude and has been sneaking in some defeating thoughts. I will kill it later in the gym.

Woke up like a zombie, and it’s during those weak moments that depression in the making can be very hard to stop, because when we are weak/tired, it’s so comfortable to complain, and not so attractive to be responsible for hitting the breaks and turn the situation around. 

Pointing fingers is a losers game.

Complaining and blaming, even over the tiniest things, that’s choosing to be a loser over you own mind. If we don’t control what happens in our heads, something or someone else will, not all of which are nice.

I have come to realize that depression is probably a symptom that comes and goes depending on lifestyle, life events and maybe something more and isn’t some disease that we can eradicate, but a repercussion to stuff that came first. That’s the physical part anyway. The mental part, aka the thoughts, that’s illusion, a horror story that we tell ourselves, because in those moments, it simply feels right. Reality is bound by our perspective.

Be around those that inspire you towards positivity.

Politicians that spread negativity and their followers, are a gathering of addicts. Negativity and positivity attract more of the same. Depression is like an addiction, we will often keep ourselves down to experience more of that melancholy. Or keep checking the news to become angry once more.

The same with positivity, it becomes more and more attractive to keep adding healthy lifestyle choices. Like to ignore politicians.

No wonder the extreme negative and positive folks aren’t willing to get anywhere near the other side, it’s too much of a change in a split second and we people seem to prefer to just be on the roll of our path and not have it disrupted by an opposite.

It’s all in the details.

To figure this all out and to not be affected much by depression, I make choices through out the day, using conscious thought to analyze my reactions and thoughts. It’s a lot of work and failures at start, but gets easier and nowadays, happens almost by itself every time, hundreds of times over the week.

The first step was to stop taking other people personally, that way you free up a lot of space in your head, bypass you ego and vanities and can shoot right at the core of your attitude.

Do this as much as you can at start and remember that failing is a part of the process, as it takes some time to disconnect certain brain connections and then to make new ones.

What do you do to keep depression out of your life? Share this post and share your knowledge, let’s make this common knowledge.

Check out Part 1 of this article.

Kind regards and keep in living!



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