Staying Positive When You’re Immensely Tired.

crawl-647054_1280Today is one of these days where I simply wont wake up. My mind weighs a ton and my mental functions are at a historical low.

I slept in, got up, went for a swim, 150 meters only, some sauna, cold shower, the usual routine, but even despite all that, I simply wont come alive today. When we have no energy, its tempting to let external irritations catch us by surprise and start complaining. There is a brand new terrorist attack on the planet all over the news today and human trafficking is still being covered up by some of the people you elected last time. In other words, the world is the same as last year and I’m close to falling asleep all the time, yet I stay in power of myself.

Getting to this point of staying strong no matter what external situations demand, has taken its time, it’s effort and it’s fair share of failures. I do eat quite healthy most of the time, I do work out a tiny bit most days and I have an ever-growing arsenal of mentality techniques for different situations. My mind is like the trunk of a very expensive assassin, there is a weapon for every situation.

First of all, my life hasn’t changed. Second, I’m not in prison and even if I was, it’s not a concentration camp.

A little perspective can go a long way. Yesterday I got the highest electrical bill I’ve seen in my life and my response? I just laughed at it. Why complain when there are more important things to take care of. It means I won’t celebrate my birthday this year, but so what? Some of us wont even live to see theirs, or their loved one’s birthdays. It’s no big deal. There will be tons of other days to celebrate between may and december.

Another thing I have done with great success, is to throw my middle finger at expectations. Expectations are nice to build up anticipation, but when they fail to satisfy our ego, I simply move on; “Oh well, didn’t get this one, let’s see about the other ten thousand coming in the future.” And speaking of ego, ego is your worst enemy. Ego precedes arrogance, entitlement mentality, victim mentality, prejudice, despair and pretty much anything else that will have you look like politicians with millions of dollars in the bank and even more things to complain about.

Initiating an all-out war against my insecurities, my vanities really, has been the most important stepping stone towards the possibility of becoming a complete human being.

Life isn’t likely to somehow magically change into the utopian paradise of your dreams, not outside your own head anyway. There are seven billion other people on the planet, uncountable species of animals and a grand variety of natural occurrences that can get in your way at any given time. By being enslaved to your own beliefs that you deserve some special treatment in this world, will only make these external factors your owner when they hit you.

Understanding the fact, that I’m merely a human being, so easily disrupted at any given time, has indeed made my mind so free, that I don’t see these obstacles as threats anymore. I see them as opportunities. I try to see the positive in everything and everyone and even though that doesn’t happen all the time, it’s still my preferred perspective, because otherwise, my mind becomes the slave of something else. Humility is in my experience the very key to true mental freedom.

Keep working it, improve a bit every day and remember that shit will pass us by from time to time, just be ready and you shall prevail.

Thank you for reading and may your future be free,



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