Getting Success: Why I Never Use Goals, Plans Or Deadlines And Still Achieve My Dreams.

woman-506120_1280It is easy to conquer your limits when your mind is free.

When it comes to mind maps, to do lists, calendars and calculations of time for various assignments, I’m quite good. When it comes to following all these on a consistent basis, my failure rate is rather high, often around 100%. So how can it be that I now enjoy waking up at 4.30am to hit the gym or spend 4 hours straight editing blog articles, without more than a forced toilet break. How on earth can it be that I enjoy showing up to work, arranging these boxes and pallets with the forklift like Legos, better, faster and more effective than my co-workers?

Because I’m way more ambitious than most. My ambitions have always been as high as I can imagine and I love getting things done on the highest level possible. My dreams are usually close to something like; “Have my own scientific lab with 100 of the best people in the world working together, a recording studio worth 50 million dollars and a land by the ocean.” That’s how it has been since I was a child and it hasn’t changed. I will be like a five years old forever.

Gliding effortlessly through life, can yield amazing results.

The minute I finish a plan, with little goals leading up to a bigger one, it feels like I’m already there and I become instantly lazy and move on to another idea. The minute I have a deadline, things go from an exciting opportunity to a dreadful obligation. After I gave up being serious about other people meeting my expectations or me meeting theirs, life has become a bit like I’m riding a skateboard throughout the day. I exist and enjoy, even when things aren’t that nice.

This avoidance of forced discipline has liberated so much energy, that it has now become enjoyable jumping out of bed at 4.30am. I level up every week at the gym. Three months ago I could barely walk the treadmill, now I’m sprinting, striding, biking and sweating like the pig I was. Another new experience I enjoy, is cold showers only. The colder, the better. My current achievements are spectacular in comparison with the life I was living just a few months ago. No plans, no goals, no deadlines, just ambitions the size of the universe.

Little by little every day, grows to massive success over time.

I work out at 5am to have enough energy for a job I haven’t found yet. Once I’m there, I will easily become the best and most worthy employ of theirs, because of the winner’s mentality I have developed over the last year or so. That will get me cash enough for my apartment to turn into an oasis of work, leisure and harmony. I will get enough money to dress quite fine, enough money to buy a proper guitar amplifier, to travel a bit, to eat like an olympic athlete and enough money to never have to worry about cash again.

My big dreams will all become a reality over the next few decades and I will get there without plans, goals or deadlines. Having achieved so much personally in the first ten weeks of this years, one can only imagine where I will be a year from now, when I will have gathered the resources I need to get serious about the Super Human Development path. An EEG brainwaves scanner alone costs 800 USD these days, something I intend to use to analyse my peak performance and obstacles in various stressful situations.

No advice is final, whatever works for you, is the right approach.

Thank you for reading and may your life become better and better,







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