Going From Hopeless To Ordinary And Beyond.

man-1031385_1280Just because I spent some time as a homeless addict, doesn’t mean I wont climb Mt. Everest one day.

After years of mental struggles, I found my way out and have now become an ordinary human being again. By that I mean without mental issues, being physically all right and all around optimistic. Gone are the days of suicidal tendencies, hallucinations from anxiety, zombie like brain activity and junky like behaviour at the sight and scent of Cannabis. It was a long war, I lost most of the battles, yet the territory that life is, is now my property.

Once we find the tools that work and get them in a consistent routine, we enter a phase that lingers somewhere between meaning and no meaning. It’s easy to forget the past struggles as we celebrate each victory. That part right there, is where old habits sneak into our minds with corrupt suggestions. Overcoming these setbacks takes time and practice, and while some people might use the word failure, I see these obstacles as opportunities for growth.

Little by little every day, will get you there eventually.

Speaking of growth. Once you start growing and maintain your new lifestyle on a regular and a stable basis, the growth can take off quite fast and before you know it, you enter a new phase. That phase began this morning when I woke up at 4.30 am to make it to the gym at 5, when they open up. The plan is to be mentally fresh when I get back to working, after few years of unemployment and most jobs that pay well and I’m trained for, start at 7am. By going back to the usual, I can avoid brain training obstacles for new workers.

There does lie a bigger promise in waking up at 4.30, than just to getting back to work however. Now that I have managed to become ordinary, I want to take the next leap, the leap towards extraordinary. What used to be my super foods, are now just foods. I am ready for the next leap. That leap leads towards my life-long quest for opening up the full potential of our mind, something that science used to claim impossible, but has now begun proving to be very possible.

It doesn’t matter what you want to achieve, the information on how to, is readily available on your mobile phone.

The Navy Seals have a program where they learn a new language in six weeks. The great news is that their methods are available to anyone on the internet. Then there is the flow state. When we are in flow, our brains go into super mode, something I have often experienced on stage with other musicians. My fingers sometimes play that guitar by themselves. Not to mention bio-feedback devices of all kinds and the Wim Hof Method.

The possibilities are becoming limitless and I intend to be amongst the pioneers in this Super Human Development Wave. In nine years, at the age of fifty, I would like to have added at least seven fluent languages to the three I navigate through already. I would like my mind to find ways to maintain this blog here as a profitable business, with proper skills in martial arts, while being in good shape enough to finish or even win an Iron Man contest. And a lot more. It’s possible and I just took the first step at 5 am this morning.

Who you are is re-definable, what you want is achievable and where you are going is up to you.

Thank you for reading and be well,







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