Using Your Mistakes To Move Forward With Your Life.

accidental-slip-542551_1280Once you get your mentality in check, every situation becomes an opportunity for improvement.

When our preparations fail, life becomes abundant with failed expectations. I hit the gym earlier than usually, to do a test with sauna and cold water. I want to know if exercising or switching between hot and cold plays a bigger role in being depression free. I was there at 6.30 am, only to find out that sauna begins first at 8.00 am; the swimming pool and gym aren’t the same company, they just share facilities and swimming starts at 8.

I took an extended warm/cold shower instead and then chilled in their cozy lounge, waiting for the library next door to open at 8, to blog. That’s where it hit me. Just because my expectations failed after poor planning, doesn’t mean the situation cannot become a benefit. I checked out their classes today and found meditation at 7pm. I mean, how perfect is that? Meditation has been on my most-important-skills-to-learn-tomorrow list since the mid-nineties. Procrastination much?

Failed expectations are a gift of an opportunity to grow stronger inside.

In order to reach to this point of constant winning, regardless of the situation, one has to smash their attitude towards expectations first. Expectations will always be there, because it’s nice to look forward to things we want. It’s like getting high on beforehand, all for free. It’s just not so nice when these things are taken away because ourselves or something else got in the way. The key here is to focus on appreciation to neutralize the feeling of disappointment.

The appreciation can be for anything. I am now at this place in life where I simply appreciate having this under control, more than not. A quick fix that took a few years to develop. Overnight success, a long time in the making. Then when this fails, I remind myself that I’m doing much better than in the past, or that continued practice will yield results in the future. It doesn’t matter the failure or the mistake, there is a victory luring around the corner, every time a thought passes our mind. Some people claim we think 50-70.000 times a day btw.

It is never too late to turn your life around and start reaping a better existence.

By being completely honest about my past mistakes and current ones, the answer is always the same; poor choices, vague planning and weak execution. To turn a rather hopeless situation towards victory, it came down to doing the same little things every day, climbing a tiny little step at a time and enjoying these steps compounding over time.

I’ve been going to the gym since last December and I haven’t lost weight at all, I’ve gained a little actually. My knees are still so bad I cannot do much, even to this day, but the little I do every day, has gotten addiction and depression under control, removed anxiety and completed a stress recovery period of a few years, in only three months by doing very little, almost every day. Imagine where I will be in six months, in a year, in five  or even ten years. Little by little, the world shall be mine.

Our planet is filled with great opportunities that you can have with the right mentality and effort over time.

Enjoy your day and keep growing!



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