Arrogance And Prejudice Weigh You Down Like A Million Tons Of Led.

beautiful-1854443_1280Being understanding, open-minded and free of judgement, is far from easy, but necessary to win in life.

I used to be, and still am when I lose focus on my mind, so arrogant it can only result in other people closing off an array of possibilities. Not hating politicians, corruption, bad things in general and not looking down on people who bring that on to the world, can be very hard to do. Self observation is the key here. I find it more important to shut up and pay attention to my thoughts, than to respond, as therein lies the key to true growth and to the mentality that will pave the way to whatever amazing success I will reap in the future. Getting that done is easier said than done though.

Recently, I saw a documentary about neuroscience, claiming that when we are confronted with an opposing opinion, we spring into defense, as to save our own lives. We have evolved so much with technology, security and comfort, but our responses are still stuck in pre-historic times. Learning that however, was an eye-opener, because if my attitude is pure evolutionary b.s., I should be able to train that away. If someone pulls a knife on me one day, I’m pretty certain there will be a fast physical response to that though.

Beating this game, will have you win a whole lot of things.

Letting go of more and more mental restrictions, based on fears of various kinds, eventually brought me out of addiction mentality. My favourite choice of escape was Cannabis, because I enjoyed that high. It killed stress like a boss, albeit briefly, but only to bring more irritation the following day and eventually,  became a daily habit, including waking up in the middle of the night to inhale a comfort smoke. Addiction I know closely.

The thing about entering the path of growth mentality, is that you keep growing. First I got out of anxiety, then depression, followed by addiction and eventually stress and am now getting back to work, after three years of mess. Any feeling of obsession and desperation is out of the system now. In today’s society, that is a massive advantage to have. The next step is to clear out any remaining deep-rooted growth inhibitors and I am now in the arrogance and prejudice phase. What comes next I do not know, but I know it will be good.

It takes two to Tango and they’re both inside your head.

The opposites of arrogance and prejudice would be humility and understanding. Through humility, we can face life’s hardest struggles without losing sight on things we still have to keep in check, in order for our lives not to be crushed down to utter despair, giving us the strength to endure hurricanes of adversity. Through understanding, we can avoid getting into heated debates with negative people and quickly move on beyond their mental imprisonment. Through understanding that some of our leaders are seriously flawed, as opposed to intentionally evil, we can look at the situation and keep our lives going in a positive direction, without becoming victims of negativity, when digesting the news f.x.

Keeping your attitude in check is perhaps the most important life skill one can grow, because as John Lennon said it so well: “Life is what happens, while you’re busy making other plans.” Not getting carried away by the hurricanes of life, will also help us focus on our plans, as every decision we make, is a preparation for a future we cannot anticipate. If you win the seconds, you win the minutes, the hours and the days. “If you win the days, you win the weeks, the months, the years, the decades and your life.” – Jessica O. Matthews.

A good future awaits and you’re in it!



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