March 13th-19th Is Brain Awareness Week, Celebrating Advances In Brain Research.

lights-1254298_1280The seemingly unlimited possibilities of our brains are being exposed at an ever-increasing rate these days.

Ever since I got into neuroscience, perhaps about a year ago, my mind has repeatedly been blown away by the advancements over the last few decades and not least, the last few years. Amongst the amazing things that scientists have done, is to inject stem cells into the brains of stroke patients, then realizing that dead brain cells were actually asleep and became active again, ending partial paralysis in these patients. It should be common knowledge by now that we grow new brain cells up to at least the age of eighty and that exercise and certain nutrition, accelerates this growth.

Finding out that brain damage of any sort will eventually be reversible, brought an end to a period of giving up to a rather hopeless situation in my recent past. Suddenly, every limiting belief about our mental potential was shattered, and a new era of optimism began. Science literally told me that no matter how bad off I had become, there was hope for a way out and boy have I found that way out! More and more of these articles keep popping up in the news and people who I thought were ignorant, are sharing more and more brain science content on social media.

Do you remember the film Limitless?

I just saw a video clip explaining how Navy Seals have cut the barrier of learning a new language from six months down to six weeks! It’s just a matter of a few months before this becomes an app, if it isn’t already. Information keeps spreading faster and faster and more and more people are jumping on the super human train. Then there is Wim Hof. In his Facebook group, I read about different conditions from bronchitis to Bi-Polar being dealt with using his methods, every day. Not to forget Tom Bileyu’s Impact Theory, an amazing show on YouTube that hosts one brilliant mind after the other on how to overcome out mental barriers and why they exist.

Sometimes when I play the game pool, it just goes great. My strategy is to enter the flow state and let my subconscious take the shot. I hardly aim, I just try to set my mind free prior to each shot and let old memories choose the final aim and velocity, so to speak. When that fails, I fail. That’s what the film Limitless is about. The main character got a super drug that gave him access to his subconscious, for stuff going in and stuff going out. I believe this is possible to do and I intend to find the way in my life time. Imagine speaking fifty languages like a native.

A key to next-level achievement is to let go of judgement.

Once people reach a certain age, their childish confidence in possibilities of the world closes off and it becomes an “attitude of maturity” using the word impossible, as to avoid embarrassment for being silly. The young generation today is often looked down on for using the technology created by the older generation too much, just like people abusing TV’s and telephones in the fifties; “but we used to be outside playing.” That’s addiction mentality right there, pointing fingers at others to avoid being exposed to one’s own shortcomings. Some of those that played outside all the time are also the ones making billions on war, hunger and slavery.

That kind of attitude takes the focus away from the possibilities and closes our minds. The promise from my homeless junky days holds still to this day; “I WILL go as high in life / this world / society, as I have been low.” Once I get my mind sorted into limitless mode, there is a growing list of skills I intend to master. Not to mention goals I want to achieve, experiences to experience and places to visit. Thanks to limitless access to first grade education on how, mostly for free, it has now become a possibility.

The sky is no longer the limit!

Thank you for reading and be good to your brain,



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