The REAL Reason Why I Deny Having Bi-Polar Type II.

yin-and-yang-1947878_1920I was on quite the rollercoaster ride from the middle of 2014 and until few months ago. There was a lot of Marijuana involved, quite a bit of alcohol, some old trauma, unemployment, broken relations to my closest ones, homelessness, and other crazy things. Eventually, I found a way out through lifestyle changes only.

A little over two years ago, I gave the family a break over Christmas and had myself committed to the psychiatric hospital in Aarhus, Denmark, for three days. After answering some questions to personnel of different ranks, I finally met with one of the head doctors, whom threw out the judgement after about 15 minutes of talking; “probably bi-polar.”

He then went on to explain that people of high positions in our society manage to take care of their careers as Bi-Polars, by taking medication. He offered to put me into an educational group on Bi-Polar for weekly meetings with others in my position. I went to Iceland instead, came back to Denmark, went back to Iceland and then back and ended up moving fourteen times in eight months. Needless to say, the internal chaos was immense.

Now, let’s look beyond the fact that this particular doctor has been directly sponsored by various pharmaceutical companies, with travelling expenses and lodging on conferences around the world. I googled him and found a website of some society of psychiatrists, where they revealed this information for the sake of transparency.

Let’s also look past the fact that the two psychologists and NOT psychiatrists that made the final diagnosis, didn’t agree on what it takes to be Bi-Polar. One says on his website that psychologists are fully capable to take over the role of diagnosis from psychiatrists, yet he holds no degree in medicine. The other one, she had just been employed when I became their patient. Let’s imagine for the sake of the argument, that all of these people were correct and I am, or have, indeed Bi-Polar type II.

I have written quite a few articles on how my lifestyle changes have removed anxiety, removed stress symptoms and gotten addiction and depression under control. If I turn away from my lifestyle, the problems return. Once I get back to the lifestyle, the problems disappear. I do have increased levels of energy and happiness, but I am also in good balance on a daily basis. I do sleep my usual eight hours and don’t worry about a thing these days. The opposite of depression AND mania and only possible because of aforementioned lifestyle changes, that took a few weeks to mature.

Now on to this REAL reason why I refuse to have or be Bi-Polar type II. Bi-Polar is not a danger free condition and is quite lethal according to statistics. I simply don’t want to carry the responsibility to claim that I can help Bi-Polar people, not knowing if my otherwise wonderful methods would propel them into a manic period. And then there is the psychiatric industry. What would psychologists and psychiatrists say if I went claiming in public that medicine and therapy is not needed to treat and get rid of Bi-Polar type II? Not to mention the pharmaceutical companies. Will they back me up when I say that their stuff can be avoided? And that’s the bottom line, I do not wish to take the responsibility for a possible manic episode somewhere else on the planet.

My methods do work on depression, anxiety, stress and addiction however.

Enjoy your day and enjoy your life,



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