Sinful Saturdays: A Necessary Break From Discipline, Routines And Success.

ice-1713160_1280Life’s too short to be robotic and we only get this one shot of happiness.

Having this one day a week with no rules, no limitations, within a frame of some reason of course, releases a lot of pressure. Not to mention how much we miss things like the gym, an apple and a stable routine after a whole day of chaos and voluntary disorders of various kinds. I’m not saying you should shoot heroin and eat a bag of sugar just because its naughty, I’m just saying that it’s ok to give your disciplines some slack, once a week.

We live in times where terms like “Facebook Depression,” exist. Facebook depression takes place when people constantly compare their every day with the high points of other people’s lives and fall prey to their own failed expectations. No one wins over night. That six-pack your buddy has on Instagram took months of discipline. That hot new and unexpected boyfriend your best friend now has, is her’s because she re-programmed her mind for happiness, aka. attraction and that alone can take years. All these holiday pictures? Months of employment went into that and given that 80% of us hate our jobs, you can drop your envy.

Billions of people have already died and the animals will never have a clue what celebration is, which makes it arrogant to be negative.

Getting all these wonderful things in life takes so much time, because there is no easy way out, no quick fix, that most of us give up before we’re even close to any measurable success. By lowering our expectations and by humbly taking each day for what it is, while pushing it forward a tiny bit, we will get there gradually. Which is why it’s so important to celebrate regularly, for the sake of celebrating only. We’re alive for one and we should enjoy it! Saturdays are a great choice for naughty things, because it’s a whole day of whatever you like, not to mention that we need Sunday to recover.

Make sure you got some proper food stocked up before the weekend, as the addiction mentality can take over when we lower our standards heavily. A day of pleasure overdosing is perfect for Netflix, chips and beer. Or computer games. Even the spa, just do whatever you miss and can’t have enough of. Then as you wake up Sunday, accept the party is over and crawl back on your feet. Can’t drag yourself to the gym? Walk to a bench outside, just sit there and breath in all that fresh air, regenerating your mind for Monday morning.

Don’t be a drag, it’s arrogant!

Enjoy your weekend,




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