Practical Ways To Getting Out Of Depression – International Women’s Day Special.

sadness-2042536_1920After decades in the dark, three suicide attempts, insane anxiety, life-long addiction, some homelessness and so forth, I have found a practical way to stay mentally healthy every day.

As the genders become more equal in opportunity, we find that we aren’t that much different from one another. It doesn’t matter which skill, career or lifestyle people of all genders choose or get chosen by, the results have turned out to be gender neutral. Women excel and suck at the same things as men, whether it’s the top female CEO responsible for the loss of billions of dollars or the entrepreneur, turning her passion into billions of dollars; people get the same results with the same methods, regardless of gender.

When it comes to more personal things in life though, such as health, the genders still vary greatly though. According to the World Health Organization, men are more proud and self-destructive when we go down and much more likely to become alcoholics instead of seeking help, me being one. Women I guess, are more willing to talk about things and are more likely to be diagnosed with depression, than men. We still don’t know exactly why “Unipolar depression” (Not Bi-Polar) is twice as common in women, but we do know that it is predicted to be the second leading cause of global disability burden by 2020.

Avoiding depression with natural and inexpensive methods, is much easier than you might think.

Every method I have tried that has worked so far, can and has been applied by both genders with remarkable results. These methods aren’t magical or hard to do, all they require is consistency and a dash of will every now and then. In a way, what I have done to get myself out of hell, is merely reverting to a somewhat ordinary way of being. Let’s dig a bit deeper into these methods below:

  1. Somewhat healthy eating. As long as I get my anti-depressive breakfast every morning and eat whatever I want without limits on Saturdays, the rest of the week ends up being quite close to veganism. 80% of our serotonin, the natural anti-depressant, is produced in the gut; if your digestive system is happy, chances are you are too.
    “The Foods I Eat To Avoid Depression.”
  2. Little to no exercise, 3-4 days a week. Here’s where things become easy. I enter the gym most mornings and spend about 30 minutes working out, then a little sauna, a shower and the morning goes from winter to summer once I get out again. Some days I actually only do the sauna and it still gives me tremendous anti-depressive benefits. Losing mental weight should be your primary reason for working out, the fat will be burned anyway. Swimming is even better and if you can’t swim, it’s an opportunity to learn a new skill, one that can save your life as well.
    “The Gym Is The Battlefield Where You Slay Your Doubts.”
  3. The company of good people. This one is perhaps the most important one, as our vibes seem to have a very dominant effect on our overall attitude, well-being and outlook on life.
    “Toxic People Pose A Serious Threat To Your Well Being.”
  4. Attitude training. This one takes the longest time because it requires you training your brain to response differently to the same situations. Over and over I remind myself that my inner negative voice is just some silly b.s. and it’s merely a repercussion of my past responses, generated and strengthened from birth. Us melancholics can have a very hard time breaking this cycle of destruction, so don’t stress yourself by caring too much when it fails, you’ll get better at this over time.
    “If You Want Success, Your Inner Victim Must Die.”
  5. Good sleep and enough rest. These two go hand in hand with the first four. Releasing melatonin (sleep hormone,) prior to sleep can be done with bananas, pine-apples and Camille tea with honey. I did that and it worked. I also destroyed anxiety and began sleeping like a baby again.
    “I Destroyed Anxiety And May Have Added 6.5 Years To My Life.”
  6. Yoga. The benefits of yoga are manifold. It’s great for the body in general, not least the spine. Furthermore, this ancient holistic practice clears out mental negativity like an atomic bomb. Not to forget emotional stability and toughness, the keys to being depression free. If you cannot afford classes, check out YouTube and perhaps dig into that with a friend for motivation and support. I don’t do yoga for now btw. but remember the amazing results after each weekly class.
  7. Meditation and mindfulness. I did these for a while, but found them too boring so I stick mostly to methods 1 through 4.
  8. Massage. It’s just great and I wish I could afford a daily one.
  9. Walks in nature. This is where we tune out of digital stress and become more complete.
  10. If you have any, deal with your traumas.

I have used these methods on anxiety too and the results were the same. Not to mention stress recovery. If you have ever been in a highly manipulative relationship, you will benefit greatly from this as well. There is no reason for you continuing on a horrible path, even though your brain will fight you quite hard, defending the routines it loves using to save itself time and thinking energy. When beginning on a new lifestyle, it’s very important to put your expectations low and reward yourself with some love and acceptance for even just wanting to change, because that is the biggest step in my experience. The first few weeks I showed up at the gym only for a few minutes in the sauna, just to get used to going there.

Don’t worry when things don’t progress, this takes time and it gets easier the more you do it.

There will be setbacks of all kinds. Our brain as I said and people’s lack of understanding that you insist on changing your life. Those that don’t want to change and have been your closest ally in loving the downers, will feel like they’re losing you and might try to convince you to do self-destructive things, don’t worry, it gets easier and just keep loving them, even if you need to be away from them at first. This all gets better over time as you gradually find your way from the darkness and into the light.

One of the more surprising benefits of my new wonderful lifestyle has been setting limits. It has become truly effortless. I’m so at ease that when I say no, it’s accepted immediately without any negotiations and no one gets upset. Furthermore, addictions of all kinds, not least to Marijuana, alcohol, candy and the internet, are losing or have already lost their powers over me. This internal laid back feeling, contentment and increased optimism has had great effects on my money as well, as I don’t shop to feel good anymore, but shop good things on good prices, and have more mental clarity to keep my finances in check.

Overall, the surplus benefits of getting rid of depression is much more energy, better looks and more money.

To my struggling sisters out there,


For further information, check out Kelly Brogan MD – Holistic Women’s Health Psychiatry.


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