Losing Mental Weight Is More Important Than Burning Fat.

sea-1284368_1280Once you find that inner peace, your looks will be about pleasing yourself first and society second.

I will probably go down in history as the most patient person when it comes to losing weight, because once you find that inner peace that I now have, all this material stuff becomes unimportant, allthough nice to have. Getting rid of depression, anxiety, stress symptoms and addiction, all in a rather short time frame, after two decades or so of suffering, and a few years of failing, has increased the overall quality of my life by ridicilous amounts. “Wow, you look great,” is something I hear a lot these days, yet I still weigh close to 90 kilograms, I still wear the same clothing and my hair is even messier, but it’s that internal shine that people are responding to.

We have all met these fat, happy people that are way more attractive than any sad looking super model, because they have that vibe that radiates of infinite love and affection. These people bypass any social norms and go directly into the core of our primal urges. The same goes for super skinny happy types and every body type inbetween. We are attracted to mood and attitude much more than looks. Having that said, what I do to shine like a star, happens to be a lifestyle that is shedding weight as well.

Is the modern lifestyle a mental disorder in itself?

We have come so far off with our modern ways of being, that it has become accepted to eat processed garbage instead of food that just happens to pop up from the ground, or swim around in the ocean. Furthermore, in order to create all this artificial food, we create pollution that puts proper food at risk. We talk about jobs before health and we talk about profits before food. That in itself is a perversion of quite the screwed up nature. By going more and more into healthy eating, most of my life-long issues have either vanished or become easy to deal with. Including depression that led to three suicide attempts.

Let’s talk about brain chemistry and how that ties into being fit. Serotonin is an anti-depressant created in our body, 20% in the head, 80% in the gut. Psychiatry talks about depression, but never did they mention to me the words “Serotonin deficiency,” and even after I explained that my depression had vanished in a few days by going nearly vegan, they still insisted I gave drugs a try. Is it possible that the real lunatics are working at the psychiatric hospital? Anyway, I stopped going there because my lifestyle began working before they could have their way. If you like the drugs, you can always add health to your treatment, just check with the docs first.

How would you feel going from zombie to super human?

I used to drag myself out of bed like a zombie on pain killers for elephants, but since changing a few key elements, I can now spring out of bed without using my hands. I can also run again without feeling like my heart is about to explode and I can spend proper quality time with my kid as well. Smoking all this weed and drinking all this alcohol has given me even more mess to clean up, but with the right choices, anything is possible indeed. What I have done is very simple and is as follows:

  1. Proper and near plant based diet, most days, without stressful regrets when I can’t do it, like when invited to dinner or going hungry without access to the right stuff.
    “The Foods I Eat To Avoid Depression.”
  2. 30 minutes of moderate exercise, 3-4 days a week.
    “Is THIS The Fastest Way To Slaughter Depression?”
  3. Positive and supportive people around me.
    “Toxic People Pose A Serious Threat To Your Well Being.”
  4. Attitude training.
    “If You Want Success, Your Inner Victim Must Die.”

Of course it takes time to create new routines and I have failed countless times to reach this ultimate success, however, once you reach success, the failures become unimportant and faint memories. Which is why I’m so eager to write about this all the time, too many people are suffering when there is a better way.

Thank you for reading and let your light shine on the rest of us!





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