Skyr, The Icelandic Superfood For Super People.

iceland-2111811_1280Every Saturday lunch, my family would indulge in Icelandic specialities that have paid quite the contribution to my nation’s power and strength.

My favourite was always the Icelandic yoghurt, called Skyr. With it’s whooping protein count of 19% and zero percent fat, this amazing food keeps my mind sharp through-out the day. I was mentally ill for quite some time and lost my ways in nutrition, but once I found my way back to good ol’ Skyr, things changed fast. My morning smoothie is very simple. 250 grams Skyr, a tablespoon of raw cacao powder, 150 grams of frozen blue berries, another Icelandic standard, a banana and a dash of low-fat milk to liquify the mix.

As a kid, I never really got sick. I had my headaches or bleeding nose few times a week, but influenza and all that, not as far I remember. Likewise as a teenager and still to this day, not really at all, save from the occasional hangover. We had our own veggie garden, ate fish 3-4 times a week and three kinds of berries grew wild in the mountain. Not to forget the crystal clear air and water back home. And then there is Icelandic lamb. These amazing creatures are born and bred in the mountains, free from human interaction, right up until slaughtering season. Meat inside the European Union is boring to be honest.

Connecting with your roots can solve a whole lot of issues fast.

No longer am I the ghostly zombie from the past. Now I’m like a volcanic Viking, on an ordinary day. It’s as if the elements of Skyr boil up the immense strength of my ancestors. Our history has repeated phases of immense hardship that have strenghtened the genetic pool significantly, including “The Great Frosty Winter of 1917-1918.” Icelandic nature is indeed quite harsh and the weather can turn from sun to blizzard in minutes. Every winter we read the same news; some tourists end up frozen to death, because they weren’t prepared for the aggressiveness of my country.

Skyr is even featured once or twice a week as included breakfast at my gym here in Denmark. Fitness freaks in the old country have always known what is becoming a more and more popular trend in the world, that Skyr goes hand in hand with superb health. It’s a probiotic as well. Probiotic foods improve digestive functions; I read somewhere that 80% of our body’s seratonin, our natural anti-depressive, is produced in the gut. No wonder the typical Icelandic attitude in the sight of trouble is our national mantra; “It’ll be all right.”

Some tasty recipe ideas for Skyr.

Now that you understand the benefits, let’s look at some more ways of serving Skyr, than the afforementioned smoothie and childhood regulars.

  • Put it in a bowl and top it with musli, some fruit and honey or syrup.
  • Serve it with milk, blue berries and honey. (Standard Icelandic desert includes cream, fat milk and white sugar.)
  • Go full-blown Viking and eat it raw.
  • Place a banana on the Skyr, melt some dark chocolate and go munchy style.

See, there aren’t that many or complex rules. That’s how we roll in Iceland:

“It’ll be all right.”

Thank you for reading and do not hesiate awaking your inner Icelander,







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