March Is The Time To Fix Up Your Home.

girl-1084734_1280The beginning of March has a peculiar vibe. Spring time offers all this optimism, yet nothing precise is happening. Christmas and New Years are long gone and summer is nowhere near yet.

March is a spectacular month to fix up different parts of your life, not least your home. There is enough sunlight to clean properly after the winter, paint, do the floors or clean out that over-flooded storage. Doing these things now is a great idea as they tend to take more time than expected and as soon as we hit summer, being free of any kind of burden, will give us more hours in the sun and fun.

Not to mention that saving these tasks for the autumn and winter is, in my experience, simply an excuse for procrastination. Are you going to spend one more summer being tough on your self for not having finished what you could have done during spring? Summer is laid back and autumn is where we gradually get back to our routines and winter, well that’s pure survival for many of us. Clear out as much as you can now and the rest of the year should fall better in place.

Getting things done now, will free up your time and mind in the coming summer.

As the spring becomes summer, preparing the garden becomes essential. That in itself is an even bigger reason to get your interior in a good standing order in March. Not to forget the Easter interruptions of April in Christian countries. For those of us that have many unfinished tasks, this project can be so overwhelming that it’s more tempting to give up on beforehand. There is a solution to that. Make a list of all of the things you’d like to get done and divide them into three categories.

Category A is for things that are long overdue and could have costly consequences if not addressed soon, such as the plumbing about to burst. Category B is for things that would be nice to get done ASAP, but may wait, such as cleaning out that storage. Category C is for things that are a slight disturbance and don’t need to be addressed, such as buying that mirror you’ve always dreamt of. Then you line the items up in each category, in order of executability and start working down list A, then B and eventually C.

Don’t worry if what needs to be done seems to be impossible, there is a solution to every problem.

Are your tasks beyond your ability or finances? Now is the time to ask for help and trade favours. We all know some handy people with enough tools to get different jobs done and we are all good at something, even if it’s “just” babysitting, dog walking, cooking or giving a massage: “If you help me paint, I’ll help you empty your storage.” You’d be surprised at how many people have excessive paint and tools from their last renovation.

Are you lost for inspiration and ideas on how to improve your home? Those that are good at home makeovers are good at it because they love doing it. Invite them over for dinner and tell them you are lost and need their help. Their inspiration and motivation will move you forward much faster than your pride and ego ever can. Lastly, family, home and health are the key ingredients to any success and proper life, so get started!

Write a comment and tell us what YOU would love to get done this month.




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