Today Is An Amazing Day To Celebrate Your Life.

celebrateyourlifetodaySpring is finally here and we all got paid a few days ago. Most of our bills have been paid, if not all, while the days get lighter and brighter.

You only get one chance at life and whatever the media tries to tell us to sell more advertising, the human race has never had such amazing opportunities like we do nowadays. We live longer, cure more decease, fight fewer wars, witness dictatorships falling down, like in Gambia recently, and can learn anything we want for free by the click of a button. We even got self-flying drone taxis coming this summer in Dubai.

Think about it, what have you always wanted to achieve in life and how many people are popping up every day here and there on the globe that already found, or are finding the way to do it? You are here, reading this blog of a formerly suicidal person, whom turned his life around with diet, exercise and positive attitude. There is no reason for you to not have a great future and that alone is an excuse enough to make today a celebration day. Celebrating your life will force your subconscious to see you as a winner in this world.

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Accept the past, live in the now and look forward to the future.

We use so much time and effort on our daily lives and money isn’t the only payment we receive. It is the creation of quality memories that stands out in the long run. If the past hasn’t been all too pretty, at least you now have the choice to create different memories and balance your subconscious, the ruler of our personalities.

Living in the now makes the past easier to accept, as the focus isn’t spent on reinforcing neurotic connections we don’t need anymore. Living in the now also makes it easier to look forward to the future, because the future is a blank canvas, painted by our current attitude and should never be controlled by a gloomy past.

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It is today that you choose hope and act on that choice.

What haven’t you allowed yourself to do for a long time? What haven’t you been able to do in a long time? I’m not talking manic shopping sprees here, I’m talking about a day of uplifting activities that will free you of the winter for good. Today is a great opportunity to get in touch with that friend that has been busy the last few months and deserves that kind of quality time that only the two of you can understand.

Haven’t been to the cinema or a concert in ages? How about museums? Miss that underground rave-club? Miss dating much? A walk in the forest? Or your family? Whatever your thing and current need of your soul, there is no reason to let lively opportunities get you by any longer. Today is where you kick-start this year of 2017 into positive action and throw the past behind you, where it belongs.

So what do you totally deserve doing? Write a comment below and tell us how you’re going to step forward in your life today.

Enjoy life!





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