Now Is A Great Time To Stock Up On Healthy Groceries – Get Fit For Summer.

getfitforsummerTired of your failed lifestyle attempts so far? The trick is to start early enough so that any setback will be a minor bump.

How many times have you promised yourself at the last-minute, that THIS is the time things will change, that NOW you’ll pull yourself together and start living the life of your dreams? That kind of desperate and wishful thinking probably never worked for anyone, ever. Getting long-lasting results takes quite the time, because our brain keeps pulling us back into the familiar, into our routines, because that’s the way the brain works. It requires tremendous amounts of conscious thought, for quite some time if one is to change one’s own routines.

I was homeless for only eight months, yet it took me a year and a half to feel myself as a fulltime citizen again and I’m sure neuroscience can explain why. Anyhow, the reason why you should stock up on your healthy and perhaps new eating regime right now, is because the spring is such a motivating season. The days get better and better, we feel more and more free and you just got paid right before the weekend. Whatever your lifestyle goals this year, food nowadays, generally speaking, isn’t exactly as intended by God.

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To avoid forced setbacks, it’s important that you stay stocked up through-out the month.

Now, I’m not saying you should go all in and buy truckloads of organic foods right now, as large amounts tend to rot away before we can consume it all. In fact, I don’t swear by much in specific. There are certain foods I eat quite religiously because they have helped tremendously with mental health and over all freshness, you however, might benefit from something completely different. A great starting point would be whatever greens, fruits, berries etc. you like best. Going for taste at first, will make the change rewarding.

Another reason to go gentle, is that it truly sucks to go from a fridge full of colours to tin cans at the end of the month, because you ran out of grocery cash. Everything with moderation you know. Consider stocking up on your favourites for this weekend as step one. Step two would be doing more nutritional thinking or research over the weekend. Now is also a good time to look online for local farmer markets and shops you may have overlooked in the past. Not to mention social networks for like-minded people.

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Keeping the routine and next steps.

Dramatic change to primal needs and desires is no easy task. Having support from friends and family is very important and if they wont cheer for you, then perhaps demand that they at least get out of your way. If you are a beginner at switching to a healthy diet, then remember it’s ok to fall back in, we all do that, it’s simply a matter of getting back up again, even if it takes longer than you wish for. I’m still having a struggle, mostly because other people keep offering me unhealthy things when I’m hungry. That’s why meal-packs are a very important weapon in this battle.

Once you get settled into a grocery routine, and this can take a few months to get right, you can start digging deeper into seasonal harvests, your blood type, astrological sign or whatever your preference is. One theory I read about, states that we digest foods in a certain order, another theory states that we should never mix fruit with other foods and right now, I’m reading “The 4-Hour Body” by Tim Ferris, which has some rather alternative input.

You can and you will win. Keep fighting, I’m cheering for you already!

See you in the sun this coming summer,



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