Men’s Do’s And Dont’s For Success In The Nightlife.

nightlifesuccessformenIt’s the beginning of the month, we all just got paid, spring time is coming, it’s Thursday and you deserve to celebrate for a pre-weekend warm up.

As an observer, an introvert and a highly sensitive person, I’ve gathered an extensive catalogue in my head on what works and what doesn’t work for social attraction. Most of these are based on own failures and victories and by comparing these to thousands of interactions I’ve observed. This article is mainly geared towards men that have grown tired of just lingering at the bar, settling into a boring groove, only to go home one more time without the feeling of any success at all.

Whatever your motives for the night, it all comes down to preparation really. By that I don’t mean your looks, but your mentality, your emotional state and your physical presence, i.e. pose. Needless to say, you got your basics covered, hygiene, clothing and such. Knowing where you’re going is a big plus, as random nights on other people’s terms often lead us into situations we might not enjoy, like that old buddy that always gets too drunk and we waste the evening on being his shrink and taxi. Not to mention the group that can never make up their mind and spend the entire evening going everywhere, yet nowhere. Choose a place that YOU love and are at home in.


Your attitude WILL make or break the evening, regardless of the situation.

I shouldn’t have to mention it, but unloading the weapon at home removes physical desperation. Failing to do so might either ruin your chances or have you wake up somewhere you shouldn’t be. Child support alone will buy you 6 new PS4’s a year. Another very important thing is quality nutrition for dinner. Don’t just go for pizza, make sure you got enough fuel in case things will be worth an extended night. Hunger for food equals hunger for action. Another basic, don’t go out just to get drunk. Women drink less than us and way less on Thursdays. In the case of a butt-hole brethren, being able to physically protect our sisters will instantly increase your social value.

Women want to be entertained for sure, but this is YOUR night and you’re going out to enjoy YOUR time. Just don’t say it, express it with a laid back attitude and do not hesitate to take up as much physical space as you possibly can. Posture is King in life. I usually show up late and leave early if I’m out hunting for future prey. It makes your presence a warm welcome amongst the rest, whom have already settled into the groove. Leaving early will make you scarce and what we can’t have, we tend to desire.

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Those that listen gather all the clues, those that talk, give them away.

Once you’re at the place you’ve chosen, do NOT linger at the bar in your usual spot and just sink into the routines of the past, unless it’s your plan. Our subconscious has a way to drag us into the known, a.k.a. the boring and the boring get no fun. Here’s your chance to break your routines, introduce yourself to people you haven’t met yet and remember to not discuss the following:

  • What you do for a living.
  • Economy.
  • Religion.
  • Politics. Unless you’re dealing with a liberal chick, then mention some of the good things Trump has done, that one brings them on the edge in a split second.
  • World problems, unless you’re dealing with a liberal chick and your sympathy is authentic.
  • Their looks as provided by nature.

If there is a pestilent guy boring the hell out of a girl you like, do by all means, discuss the above points with him directly, it will transfer him instantly into your friend zone, render his desires cold and turn you into her saviour: “Hi, my name is Hölli, how about you?” “Oh cool, I work as , how about you?” Then end it quick somehow and direct your attention to her.

Do discuss some of these points:

  • Her biggest dreams.
  • Your biggest dreams.
  • Any interesting detail about her that people would generally dismiss.
  • Positive character traits.
  • Your embarrassing childhood ventures.
  • Things you both hate.
  • Anything out of the ordinary that isn’t too weird, unless she’s into that.
  • Compliments on looks provided by money; outfit, jewelry, make-up, hair, accessories, etc.
  • If she’s not intelligent, then let her feel like it. Women do that all the time to control our behaviour.

If you like her, exchange information and either go home or somewhere else, just don’t linger after a deal has been closed, unless other things have been decided upon of course. In case you’re there for the night, let her be free from time to time, needy behaviour and jealousy will turn her cold. Make yourself scarce and as with everything else in life, be real, don’t be a douche and be a generous human being.

In other words, it’s YOUR night and you deserve to enjoy it on YOUR terms.

Happy hunting,



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