I Destroyed Anxiety And May Have Added 6.5 Years To My Life.

young-woman-1192018_1280According to “the rate of living theory,” all mammals use approximately the same amount of heartbeats through-out their lifespans. Generally speaking, a healthy lifestyle lowers the resting pulse and should thereby help us live longer.

Once I got anxiety out of my system for good, my resting pulse dropped from approximately 90 bpm to around 60 bpm. Furthermore, I’m one of these people whom keep a close eye on physical, emotional and mental changes, in order to stay on top of my health. Night after night during my days of anxiety, the pulse rate would be just above or below 90 bpm. The rate had always been around 60 bpm and has, since fixing the problem, returned back to it’s natural state. That is an overall difference of 30 bpm, or a decrease of 33%.

I use 8 hours of sleep each night. 33% of 8 hours equals roughly two hours and forty minutes of prolonged life, every day. Multiply that by 365 and we get 963.6 hours or 40 days of added life, every year. It is not unlikely that the human lifespan will reach 100 years on average in our times and given that, I then have 59 years left to live. 59 years x 40 days = 2.369 days or six and a half years longer life. Six and a half more years to explore the world, to taste new recipes, to make new friends, to learn and grow, and most importantly, six and a half years more with my family. All with a simple change in thinking.

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So what did I do exactly that has given me this tremendous advantage?

The trick was incredibly simple. Last December, while still suffering from this beast of burden, I was lying in bed, sweating, body all cramped up, endless worrying thoughts and my pulse at the usual 90 bpm. It was there that I realized how silly this was and I asked myself; “What exactly are you afraid of? You are lying in a cozy bed, in a warm apartment, in a pretty town in a peaceful country and you’re worried about Christmas, two weeks from now?!?”

I then moved my focus away from the worrying thoughts and towards the different physical symptoms, observing the cramped up muscles, the sweating and the pulse rate. By cutting the tie between thoughts and body, the symptoms simply vanished in a matter of a few seconds! Not only that, the mind began relaxing and the thoughts became more normal. I then intentionally thought negative thoughts, you know, just to test and challenge destiny and lo and behold, the physical symptoms came into power again. Just like that. Again I cut the ties, observing my body, disregarding the thoughts and came at ease again. Since that day, I have been free of anxiety.

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There are more ways to defeat anxiety, it’s just a matter of finding the one that works for you.

I met someone the other day that told me about the same success, using different methods I can’t remember right now. The most important thing is to get anxiety under control, conquer it and either remove it or learn to live with it. If you can’t do it yourself, then seek help elsewhere. As we all know that have tried this shit, it can become unbearable, so bad that I planned to hang myself one day, no joking here. Luckily I went self-destructive with partying instead and am now living a millions times better life than just two months ago.

There is hope and there are methods. I spent two to three years, as far as I can remember, being like that near daily. Everything seemed to amplify anxiety. In the end, I couldn’t drink coffee, couldn’t drink alcohol, couldn’t even smoke weed without my mind spinning into overdrive. No longer am I constantly tired and beyond function. No longer am I on the edge at all times and no longer am I a dysfunctional dad.

There is life after anxiety, and that life is brilliant.

Thank you for reading and remember to chill out.



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