An Easy And Realistic Way To Save Money If You’re Always Broke.

piggy-bank-850607_1920It’s the last day of the month and you’ve told yourself the same lie forever; “This time around, I will be more disciplined with my cash and have some by the end of the month.

Some people seem to have that kind of discipline that allows them to buy a cup of coffee at the 25th of every month, without sweating over the financial consequences. The rest of us never seem to make ends meet, regardless of how much cash there is to spend at the beginning of each month. This becomes quite bad when invited to birthdays, when on holidays and when we see that special 80% offer on that thing we’ve been dreaming about for months or even years.

I’m one of these people who have no life savings whatsoever. No education, no job, no career, but a truckload of optimism and dreams that reach far beyond what most people deem large. At the age of forty-one, this is becoming slightly worrying though, so I took charge and came up with a simple system that wins every month. One of my accounts was supposed to be a savings account, but you know, by the end of the month, the money on that account would somehow crawl back into my debit card and magically turn to food, fun or friday nights.


People get a job in a bank for a reason, make use of their abilities to save you from further financial worries in this life.

This problem was solved with a single telephone call to my bank; “Hi, I got this empty account number xxxx-xxxxxx, can you please make it invisible from my internet bank and lock it so I can only put money into it and do so with an automatic fixed transfer amount as soon as money hits my other account?” They sure did and it sure worked. I actually forgot about this to begin with and couldn’t understand how 500 Danish crowns (70 USD) could disappear into thin air.

Now, this may not be a large amount, but when you’re on welfare, it can make a gigantic difference between eating boiled veggies 10 days in a row or a relieving pizza slice down town, just to feel a bit human for a while. If I want access to the money, I have to make quite the trip to the only affiliate in town that has cash on site, stand in line and sign a paper hold the cash. Which is great in emergencies, but I’m way to lazy to go and collect it just to make the weekend easier.


Knowing that savings have now become a reality, has released tons of internal worries and stress.

The next step is to have the bank create a so-called budget account, which has a set transfer at the beginning of every month as well, so that things like life insurance in January wont be the usual New Years Blues, but rather divided into twelve and collected monthly over the year. That kind of strategy will grow me used to having the same amount for food, clothing, fun and other things each month, while making Christmas, New Years and expected birthdays free of worries. That other savings account will open up wonderful opportunities, like investing in this website for one.

Some people have discipline, some don’t and therefore it’s a great idea to give the responsibility to someone more rectangular in attitude. Just imagine two years from now, what kind of vacation you can have, what kind of presents you can give or what kind of clothing you can wear. Yeah it takes time and it’s a drag, but honestly, where were you two years ago and where are you today? Similar place like most people right?

Money need not be a worry, it can become a whole lot of fun with the right strategies.

Thank you for reading and may this coming month bring more prosperity to you and yours,




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