How I’m Curing Depression With Only 30 Minutes Of Exercise.

gym-455164_1920Forget everything you’ve heard from fitness specialists about how much exercising they do, defeating depression doesn’t require large efforts in the gym.

It’s amazing how little it takes to destroy the devil really. Four times a week, I enter the gym for cardio exercises or swimming, followed by a short visit to the sauna, some tiny cold shower and voila! The sun starts shining inside. I find it ridiculous how little it takes, how much I get out of it and how little attention this is given in psychiatry.

Twice a week I burn 350 calories on a stride machine, it’s easier on my knees than cycling or running. Twice a week I swim 600 meters. Both of these routines take around thirty minutes. Additionally, I might take an hour-long walk once a week. Every other weekend, my daughter drags me to public swimming and yesterday I switched between sauna and freezing shower, four times in a row, it works wonders but is NOT for beginners. It made me so tired, I could barely walk home, people probably thought I was drunk.

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There are many other things you can do to achieve the same results.

I did ashtanga yoga about 15 years ago. That worked better in my experience. The relief was bigger and the effect lasted longer. Not to mention spinal release. Bicycling is of course a great way to burn calories and clear your head. Swimming in the ocean comes close to yoga and meditation brought me similar results as the gym. One of the best over all methods I’ve used, is going to reggae nights and do my infamous snake dance for a few hours, it’s like a combination of exercise, yoga and meditation, not to forget the social opportunities.

In my experience, psychiatry is far too focused on chemicals and drugs and not ambitious enough about lifestyle, relations and attitude. The same goes for the three failed attempts of different cannabis rehab groups I was in. One group even concluded the three months of weekly sessions by going out together to eat a burger, fries and cola. Now that I got addiction, anxiety and depression either out or under control, I will defend my perspective with claws and dynamite; general mental health is all about lifestyle and attitude.

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A healthy lifestyle kills your inner victim, it brings you victories and increases your respect.

Speaking of attitude. I also eat quite healthy and that along with exercise has strengthened my mind so much, that instead of being a pushover as before, I’m now the one setting the limits, and let me tell you this; my limits are respected. No longer do I have to explain the same thing every day to the same people, one sentence is enough nowadays. Our level of strength defines our role in life.

Lastly, the positive and powerful vibes at the gym fuel me with “spiritual adrenaline.” When I get out of there, dealing with toxic people becomes so easy, I hardly notice them, it’s like being elevated to a higher level in this world. The deeper I dig into exercise and healthy eating, the more natural and consistent it becomes. Whereas I used to complain about things, my attitude has changed to; “Man, I sure need to get my ass to the gym right now, there is no way I’m spending the rest of the day like a zombie!”

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I’m doing it and now it’s your turn to join the ranks of us that are winning in life.

Thank you for reading and may your future be that of vigour and victory!



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