Unemployed? Taking Great Care Of Your Home Can Become Your New Exciting Job.

books-1840463_1920A properly run home is fundamental to your growth, stability and happiness.

As a formerly homeless person, I witnessed how my brain changed into total survival chaos and back to that of a normal person. I spent only eight months without a place to call my own, yet it took sixteen months to get back to feeling normal about doing the dishes, the laundry and to have food in the refrigerator. Keep in mind that I was raised in an organized and stable household, so I understand both extremes quite well, the very well-functioning home and no home at all.

It’s been eighteen months since I finally got an apartment with my own key and my own rules; finally the past circus is becoming a distant memory. I’ve been out of work more or less since the summer of 2014 and have gone through all the phases of unemployment. It begins like a holiday, then it becomes a meaningless routine, then boring, then laziness, follwed by isolation and deep depression, which is where I’ve been for way too long, while sorting out my issues of emotional, mental and physical health.


Once you’re ready to work again, get occupied with something else, so the waiting won’t drive you crazy.

Getting a job right now just because I can and want to, will take some time and I simply have to accept the waiting and get busy somehow else. That is why I have chosen my own home as a job. There is some painting needed to be done, the curtains aren’t up yet, the floors need work, a total overall cleaning is required and so forth. The tiny garden awaits the spring. A home can be maintained and improved forever, so I now have a fulltime job until I find a paid one.

All I required was a change in attitude and already on day one, today, I’ve cleared out stuff that hadn’t been thrown out yet. What this will give me, is even more peace of mind, meaning more health, leading to better job applications, stronger job interviews and real employment faster than otherwise. Who would have thought that doing housework was something to look forward to?


The better your home, the better your relationships.

If you’re in a relationship, unemployed and have fallen into any of the bad phases I mentioned earlier, not only will housework and home improvement clear out the mental fog you’re in, it will also bring great cheer and joy to the rest of your family, moreover the provider will come home to a clean and clear environment. Is your relationship stuck in a boring shit hole and you’re not getting it on anymore? Make your home your employment and let’s see if it won’t clear out some negativity between you two.

If you got kids and you, your partner and your home is at ease, it will be much easier to deal with them. Children are like little reaction magnets, what goes around comes around times ten in their behaviour. Sure they will make a mess, but so did you and so did your parents. Maybe you only have a partner or a roomie and they make the mess and you do all the work. In that case, clearing out the mess around you will clear out your head, making it much easier to set strong limits and make demands that are more likely to be met.

Home is where the heart is they say. I’m already putting my heart into my home.

Thank you for reading and may your day today be sweet,




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