Sage, The Super Food For The Super Brain.

ladybug-1428899_1920Food as provided by nature can work wonders as medicine.

After years in mental hell, depression, stress, anxiety, manipulation, some homelessness, weak limits, addiction and so forth, I’ve become so sensitive to miniscule changes in pretty much everything, that I should be working as a bio-feedback machine. This miracle plant, sage, has some properties that make or break my primary brain functions, like memory, clarity, reason and over all balance.

I spice pretty much every dinner with sage because if I forget it, the following day will bring on punishments in the form of aforementioned mental issues. See, I was stuck for about 3-4 years in mental fog and I’m telling you, sage is like that beautiful girlfriend you finally scored, like that refershing beer by the end of a hard day, like that cold shower on a long hot summer night, like the first day of sun after a Scandinavian winter.

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Sage seeds should be a prescription drug.

I came across sage after following the work for Dr. Daniel Amen, a psychiatrist that deals with brain damage and has quite the following of supporters and sceptics. His claims are beyond the promises of psychiatry, at least in my experience, but regardless of his scientific work, the man was spot on about sage. Check out his article: “10 Brain Healthy Spices.”

I don’t even care about the science, I just care to be a functional human being, a stable dad and an optimistic dreamer for the future. None of which I was through out 2015 and 2016. Sage is a tool for success in my books, an ingredient so simple, cheap and effective, that I wonder why it doesn’t grow in every window in every psychiatric hospital. Let alone schools, gyms and police stations.

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Sage doesn’t really have much taste, to me anyway, so the amount isn’t really that big, just a dash to keep my brain young and happy. I dream of a world where things are cool, where everyone is sage, as described in the dictionary:
sage [seyj]
1. a profoundly wise person; a person famed for wisdom.
2. someone venerated for the possession of wisdom, judgment, and experience.
adjective, sager, sagest.
3. wise, judicious, or prudent:
sage advice.

We are what we eat right?

Thank you for reading and may you be sage today.




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