You Can Improve Yourself Daily, For The Rest Of Your Life.


girl-1219339_1920If you’re still a whiny complaining bitch, then this article is not for you, this is winners area. But don’t worry, I can fix your attitude right now with these articles:

Now, since you’re here, you’re probably going for a better life and more success. Once we move past victim hood, amazing new opportunities unfold. I get some exercise every day to keep my brain on fire, but my knees can’t handle the gym seven days a week, so I switch between walking, striding and swimming.

Every situation presents an opportunity.

You see, it doesn’t matter the situation, there is a chance for improvement every minute of your day. You got social anxiety and have to attend a weeding? Here’s your chance to practice breathing exercises and mindset. Stuck in a traffic jam? That is a golden opportunity to practice one of the most overlooked skills of the successful, meditation. Not to mention patience, the mental stamina that keeps us from making momentary decisions for pleasure, but against our plans and goals. Patience is the enemy of addiction btw.

My voice could be stronger and better heard, so I practice that by doing vocal exercises as I’m walking around downtown, especially something called “Vocal Fry.” This makes my voice fuller and pulls out that low-end which can be weakened during stress.

Improving ourselves regularly, increases our confidence.


Whatever it is you lack in your life right now, you can practice that skill when you’re doing other things. Facing a sales person? Practice aloofness to get them on their toes, it might slash the price a bit. I did that by accident once and got the upper hand against a guy who worked as a chief negotiator for the purchasing department in his county. That is no small skill to have!

You want to get into a better shape but the gym is not attractive just yet? Take a walk and swing your arms, every extra movement burns calories. Looking for the love of your life and got some time on your hands? Now is the time to flirt with everybody and starting dating to practice the social skills you might need when the time comes. And while you’re at it, learn how to tell your story, work on your posture, attitude, wardrobe, diet and whatever else works in the dating world, because dating is all about sales and deals really.

So what are you waiting for? Put some conscious thought into your actions and improve yourself daily in the most unimaginable situations.

Thank you for reading and may your time be of use today,



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