The Gym Is The Battlefield Where You Slay Your Doubts.


It only takes a little exercise to increase the quality of your life by far.

After five days of consistent winner’s mentality by mere change of attitude, doubt has now began creeping in again rather fast and my old self was quite persistent as I woke up this morning. I snoozed 30 minutes, crawled rather lazily out of bed, prepared my winner’s breakfast, got to the gym and enjoyed all these inner doubts fading off, one by one.

I don’t grind it like an Olympic champion in the gym really, I give it the best I can and try to burn 350 calories within 45 minutes of cardio. After that I swim a few yards to get my shoulders in shape again, followed by a sauna and ice-cold shower for 10 seconds. I do that at least twice, as the shift between hot and cold helps relief us from mental turmoil.

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Working out increases the positivity of your inner voice.


The difference between my thoughts before and after this little visit to the gym is tremendous. All these negative thoughts that start post workout, simply don’t get finished. I used to fight that off via mindfulness, but thanks to working out, the thoughts simply die by them selves. Don’t you find it remarkable how little it takes to turn our minds around?

The thing with doubt, is that it builds up and grows stronger and stronger, leading to consistent despair. Once we find ourselves in this hopeless state of being, the breaking of the human spirit can take on many forms. For me it was weed, alcohol, porn, and unhealthy eating. You see, addiction is not tied to our choice of escape, but merely a proof that we have let doubt gather for too long.

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Exercise will help you create stronger limits.


In my experience, allowing doubt and despair to flourish too long will lead us to severe depression. This state of being then keeps us in a perpetual victim hood, making us easy pray for people with sinister nature. Think of the alcoholic that seeks refuge from life’s problems at the bar, or the abused spouse that stays in a toxic relationship for too long. No one wants to end up like that, but without proper confidence, it becomes the reality of many.

What we do today, becomes our life tomorrow. Whatever we may have done or experienced in the past, that is less than complimentary, simply has to be moved away from. Have you noticed how the kindest of souls often have the least confidence? I believe such submissive nature to be the offspring of weak limits, the offspring of doubt. So much present and future agony can be avoided by staying strong on the path of a proper lifestyle.

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Thank you for reading and may your today be quite the day!



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