Is THIS The Key To True Happiness?

“Girl” by Greyerbaby

What if there was one simple, easy and fast way of turning a negative life around, towards substantial happiness? What if we don’t need love, money or acknowledgement to be truly happy, satisfied or content?

We’ve all been there, these days when our spirits are simply flying through the roof. Those days our relationships flourish, our work and colleagues are totally harmonized, these nights out on town whene those we want, wanted us and made it certain, those days when life is just brilliant. Some people seem to be born that way, some people swear for all kinds of things that help and some people, well, remain quite hopeless most of the time. Like I used to be.

Few days ago, I finally cracked the code and figured out what it was that had worked so well, without ever knowing exactly what it was. Finally I managed to remove that ONE single obstacle to success, to happiness, to greatness and to reaping the millions of opportunities we can grab in this life. This obstacle is and always was, VICTIM MENTALITY. Kill your inner victim today, by saying goodbye to complaining and blaming and believe me, those amazing days can become a consistent reality.

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bikini-1850726_1280As to be expected, the first two days I was overjoyed, regardless of the fact that I was also quite tired at the same time. This has since settled into a steady groove of ease. It feels like I’ve lost half my weight, even though I’ve gained some this month. All these gazillion random thoughts in my head don’t bother me anymore. I can feel these worrying thoughts flying around, but they don’t affect me one bit. Cleaning out years of negative thinking will take time, but at least I’m mentally free now. Which will make the task possible, as negativity and positivity both delete the opposite and attract more of the same.

This breath of fresh spiritual air also means I don’t have to deal with toxic people anymore, they simply don’t affect me. It’s like having an automatic laser cannon that shoots down their missiles of pessimism. I can be in a group of negative people without their attitudes bringing me down. If everybody woke up like this tomorrow, stock prices in companies that produce anti-depressives would collapse fast.

This way of being, bypasses a whole lot of other skills we can use to advance our lives, such as finding the right partner.


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I put this vibe to the test yesterday by visiting my regular bar for thirty minutes or so. Every attractive person will tell you the same: It’s not about what you wear, what you say or what you do in life, it’s all about how you are in the moment. Being an introvert, I have developed the ability to read people better than most can read themselves and the clues were all over the place. Women I know and don’t know, were quite responsive, to put it mildly. Yet I did nothing but just being there.

Being attractive may be the most important asset to have in every human interaction through out life. Those that attract more, get more of the good stuff in life and I’m not only talking about romance here, but career options, prices, help and so forth. Anyone can learn a sales pitch or how to charm, but only few close the biggest deals. Be that your future spouse, a gig for your band, the most secure bed in the homeless center or a 100 Million dollar yacht, attraction gets us the best things in every situation.

So what are you waiting for friend? We all got dreams and desires and we all stand a chance of coming closer to these.

I wish you the best and thank you for reading,



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