Three Proven Ways That Can Slaughter Depression, Doubt and Despair.

“Girl” by Ana J.
This article is based on my personal experiences and is meant as an inspiration only and not a final advice, as we are all different, with different resources and different perspectives.

In my lifelong search for inner peace, positivity and success, I have battled most days against the Devil of all devils, depression, doubt and despair. The consequences have ranged from homelessness and addiction, to severe anxiety and suicide attempts.

Time and time again I’ve come close and celebrated to early, only to crumble back down on my knees, wandering in the dark like a slave, for what always felt like eternity, with no light in sight.

The three methods are outlined below in the order of how fast they have worked for me and each headline is linked to a previous article with more in-depth information.

Method nr. 1. The Slaughtering of your inner victim.

lady-1822464_1280This came as a revelation to me just few days ago and confirmed what I’ve experienced a multiple times in the past, many years ago, but never lasting very long, as I didn’t know what was going on. It’s simple, it’s instant and it works like this:

“I’ve had enough of being a whiny complaining bitch!”

This was an instant decision, cried out in despair over the fact that regardless of maintaining methods two and three, I was still stuck in a dream-like state of too little hope.  Methods two and three require substantial discipline, unless we kill our inner victim first, then they become quite easy, as our inner victim I have found, also sets the stage for addictive behaviours.

Method nr. 2. Exercise.


It’s ridicilous how fast this works. After only 30 minutes of pushing it on cardio exercises in the gym or an hour of walk outside, my mind changes quite a bit and by doing this quickly after waking up, the rest of the day is so much better than what I’m used to. Slay your inner victim, take a walk and begin harvesting the rewards of greatness today.

Method nr. 3. Healthy eating.


This was my first breakthrough, last year. I sustained four months without any depressive symptoms, because I stayed true to a near vegan lifestyle. As with method nr. 2, this one requires discipline in the long run (I went heavily depressed after I slipped on the diet,) so the formula goes like this: Slay your victim, get some exercise or an hour long walk, then eat as healthy as you can.

And that’s it. Simple, fast and very effective.

Thank you for reading and may your future shine bright,



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