How To Become More Attractive Instantly.

“Beach” by Pexels

What if I were to tell you that there is an extremely powerful way to increase your attractiveness in less than five seconds?

Two days ago, I found that way by accident, but before I tell you what I did, let me first tell you how my life has been for the past twenty-five years and why I’ve never taken it for granted to be attractive in the first place. Attractiveness has NOTHING to do with what we wear, what we say or what we do for a living, unless one is rich, powerful or famous, but for the rest of us, attractiveness comes down to one thing, attitude.

I’m still wearing the only pair of jeans I have that barely fits, still wearing the shoes and punctured jacket from my homeless days, still with that self-grown haircut that is less than cool, still using those un-stylish 5 dollar glasses. I’m still unemployed, still 89 kilograms and 178 centimeters (196 lbs / 5 feet 8″.)

So what changed in less than five second, two days ago, that has woman after woman of any age, look my way in the streets, even smile and look away shyly? What did I do that has people move to the sides as I come walking, to make space for a guy that hasn’t really been noticed by anyone for the past several years?

Two years ago, I ended a highly manipulative narcissistic relationship of 3.5 years, by walking out and going homeless (unintentionally.) I was smoking weed like a chimney to get through the day and was detached from reality for almost two full years. By that I mean, I could barely hear what people said, nor could they hear me. I was isolated, extremely tired and quite suicidal. Day after day, until two days ago.

lynx-103313_1280Besides lethal depression, my panic attacks were so bad, the breathing apparatus stopped at one time, I had to kick-start it by intention. There were hallucinations, my hands would simply drop things and I was afraid of crossing the streets, because I couldn’t register the traffic. I actually came close to having a person killed that way.

I tried everything but therapy and psychiatric drugs to get out of the mess, gave up weed, went nearly vegan and eventually began working out. My diet killed depression in about a week and by working out in the morning, I could stay depression free for the rest of the day, but that wasn’t enough, I was still under the spell of detachment and confusion.

Then two days ago, at eight o’clock in the evening, came the final breakthrough, the breakthrough that unintentionally led me to increase my attractiveness from zero to ten, with no effort.

As I was lying in bed at 8pm, trying to fall asleep, being immensely tired I finally had enough and here is where the magic finally happened:

“I’ve had enough of being a whiny complaining bitch!”

These were the exact words I told myself and then I simply jumped out of bed, still very tired, but I got dressed, rushed my way to the library to blog about it and here I am, two days later, still free from the mental haze. Just like that. Blaming and complaining develops a dreadful personality that pushes people away from you. No one enjoys being around a negative person. A negative cycle can be very hard to spot, but is actually very easy to break. Just make the decision and stick to it.

jump-1640990_1280The following morning I woke up at 6.30 (first time in years,) got to the gym just over 7.00 and applied for a job before 10.00, for the first time in over THREE YEARS! This morning I did the same and I’m still tired since two days ago, but I’m not a whiny complaining bitch anymore and finally, by accident, women are looking my way, as if I’m hot, regardless of the fact that I actually look like shit these days. Still wearing that jacket I used as a carpet in the homeless shelter one night, still a loser in the eyes of the conservative part of society, but a winner inside and it’s like a magnet! THIS is the shift people take that go down in history as the most successful ones.

So if you’re feeling out of luck and would like to score some action or find that partner of your dreams, then stop being a whiny complaining bitch and remember this:

People survived the holocaust, what on earth can YOU complain about?

Thank you for reading and let’s all kill our inner victim this year, it will turn the world towards the paradise we all dream about!



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