Is THIS The Fastest Way To Slaughter Depression?

“Sport” by Alexas Fotos

Over the years, I’ve tried and failed at many ways to dig my way out of the dark, accumulating a heavy bag of tricks that work in various ways, some of which much better than others.

For years, I relied on Marijuana as an anti-depressant, with good results, except for the fact that I like to get high and smoked too much, reaping the side effect of increased depression. Weed as an anti-depressant is either on or off and I never had the desire nor discipline to inhale just the tiny amount needed for medicinal properties, but always went naughty and enjoyed the high for fun also.

I did try CBD cannabis oil for a brief period of time and enjoyed some benefits, but lack the experience to advice on CBD.

nymph-1052749_1280Meditation increased my mental robustness by far, but I find that practice immensely boring and never got it into a routine.

Swimming in the ocean is something I can recommend without any doubts, but not all can swim, are willing to do it in the winter cold or have access to the ocean.

A near vegan diet has worked wonders aswell and it only takes me a few days to turn a severe suicidal state of being towards joy, by eating right. This is easier said than done though, because the cravings for ordinary food become massive and the majority of society doesn’t really eat that well and we often find ourselves in situations where food by other people’s choice is presented when we’re hungry. Days of discipline can be ruined in a single meal.

So what is it that I’ve discovered that works better and faster than all of these?

Get ready for your anti-climax of today, because the answer is so obvious and well-known, that it should be written out as an anti-depression prescription by our doctors. In my experience and opinion, the field of psychiatry is neither responsible nor ambitious enough in helping those of us that have lost all hope and are willing to take our own lives. Not to mention the majority of non-suicidal, depressed, anxious and hopeless patients suffering too much every day for what feels like an eternity with no end in sight.

The answer is:

trick-672629_1280The gym. Physical exercise. It only takes me thirty minutes of moderate cardio exercises, such as biking, jogging or striding, in the gym, to turn a very negative state into stability, positivity and productivity. It’s like waking up from a heavy dream, like you’ve just cleaned your entire apartment and are now sitting in a chair, relaxing in the pride of achievement, like paying the last instalment of that dreadful loan.

As with everything else that works, I try to enter the gym every day. It only takes two hours from my home and back, shower and recline in the lobby included . That’s my way, you have your own way.

The pharmaceutical companies would suffer a heavy financial loss if our doctors were more interested in our well-being, than their bank accounts. With the masses maintaining a healthy lifestyle, they might also loose their jobs. Where is the grocery shopping list from the psychiatrist? Where is the fitness schedule from the psychologist? People talk about the many different types of depressions and yet the solutions are universal, simple, effective and quite affordable. Healthy lifestyles have their financial costs, but also their increased productivity, creativity, confidence and other benefits that increase our value at work.

I can’t afford the gym or I hate going there, what do I do?

You take an hour-long walk with a family member, a good friend, your own thoughts or music in your ears. If you got kids, you’ll be doing them a big favour getting away from those screens we’re so addicted to now a days: “You want that new Playstation game? You can only have it if we walk to the store and back.” A little bribing and threats can work wonders on kids.

Your time for excuses and talk are over. You deserve a much better life and now it’s time for action. Let me know how it works for you, we’re all in this world together.

Thank you for reading and may your life become so much better as well,



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