Is Donald Trump Proving To Us That Politics Are Insanity?

“Psychedelic Trump” by Hölli Vals

As an avid devotee to the cause of improved mental health amongst my fellow earthlings, I look into every part of the human psyche, from the personal level and up to the global level of collective behaviour, not forgetting how nations can be so unlike each other, when we’re really not that different at birth.

Let’s put aside what Trump is all about and what he is trying to achieve and look at the disruption he is causing to the status quo of American and international politics. Earlier this morning I read an article of negativity towards the newly inaugurated president of the US, focusing on the fact that he is actually delivering what he has promised. Have we grown so used to politicians using taxpayers money for advertising during their campaigns, only to change course after election day, that it’s seen as an irrational behaviour when someone finally breaks that habit? Is democracy not meant to survive election day?

Another recent article focused on his inauguration speech being rhetorically weak, quoting some Danish professor in rhetoric, whom pointed out his “fault” of keeping the focus on his campaign promises, instead of changing the course as per tradition and move into another direction than promised. Is all talk and no action the best we can expect from other politicians? Saying one thing and doing another, while denying the truth, isn’t that a personality disorder of some sorts? A standard behaviour of mad people?

Most of us really don’t search outside the box of whichever media we consume, be it mainstream, social or just a word of mouth. We are so quick to expect things to be per usual, that when someone honest finally comes to power, it can feel very unpleasant, not least because of Trump’s disrespectful celebrity behaviour on twitter and so forth.

His raging lunatic style during the campaign did settle after inauguration though. I wonder if he used that as a tactic to get the most attention, while smoking out the most violent of his haters in order to be seen better in comparison? People that keep up an aggressive behaviour, typically end up losing any support in the long run, that isn’t fanatical and large-scale enough.

Earlier this morning, I read yet another Danish article, stating that it was dangerous to not view Russia as threat, trying to lure in the information that we should be careful of Russian citizens walking amongst the rest of us over here. The biggest threat I personally see from Russia, are those very so seductive dating ads with Russian women of the more exotic kind, when I’m trying to stay emotionally calm at all times to conquer the darkest corners of my psyche.

Isn’t it about time we see more stable times in international politics?

The US have been dancing a shaky tango with China and Iran for a very long time now, both of whom are close allies with Russia and with Putin and Trump becoming best buddies, I can’t see how this new alliance in the making should be considered anything but great news, finally. The dreadful lack of co-operation between the Russia and NATO in Syria should be more than enough for us to agree that insanity has been a geopolitical master for way too long.

The politics of the past twenty-eight years, spanning through George Bush Sr., Bill Clinton, George Bush jr. and finally Barrack Obama, have been disrupted heavily and if we are being told that it’s a bad thing, I wonder if we’ve been under the rule of insane people all this time.

So I ask again:
“Is Donald Trump proving to us that politics are insanity?”

Let’s see what his work brings in the end, my mind is dancing a shaky tango, somewhere between worry and hope.

Thank you for reading and may 2017 be a good one for you and yours,

Hölli Vals.


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