Anxiety Need Not Be Our Mental Authority.

“Roses In A Box” by Raheel

Yestereve, as I my consciousness  descended into the realm of dreams, my beingness was that of a serene infant. Such tranquility has been exceptionally scarce over the course of the preceding five years.

As so oftentimes before during depression, my mind would play its tricks on me, demanding attention to thoughts of negativity. It was during such anxious thought that I felt a current of electricity captivate my body and it did not let go, until I let go of the cerebration and brought my full attention to this grotesque sensation, that it finally let go of its stranglehold.

At which time, the domination of the situation surrendered instantaneously. A minute or so later, the psychological sequence recurred and once more, my method of mindful concern proved to be successful. At this point I came to realize, that this EXACT feeling of a static electrical current was identical to a strange feeling in my forehead, to which no mental healthcare professional whom I have encountered, has been able to explicate thus far.

This is the same strange feeling we may endure by switching back and forth between bathing in exceedingly hot and cold waters. Such practice can indeed induce a state of narcosis, which to me is a pleasure, albeit not advisable to the inexperienced.

Furthermore, I recently wrote an article titled; “Daily Anxiety For A Long Time, Is Harder Than Hard Work And Possible To Overcome.” – This article may provide an insight into the tiring aspect of consistent and reoccurring negativity.

girl-on-the-swing-1804066_640Armed with the knowledge that depression and anxiety may in fact coexist in an unbreakable marriage between fear and despair, I have come to the conclusion that courage and strength may not evolve around our capability to endure hardness, but indeed our potentiality in dealing with difficulties as they happen. It is all in the mind, isn’t it?

If you share my experience and observation, or may you carry scientific information which can proof me right or wrong, do not hesitate to write a comment on this article, as my goal with this very work, is to broaden the human race’s understanding on how one can achieve psychological greatness, preferably before it’s much too late.

Kind regards and thank you for your time and attention,


P.s.: I am working on a more sophisticated and elaborate way of writing, so bear with me please, as I am Icelandic, my daily life is Danish and I am not an avid reader of complex material, such as fiction, science or philosophy. Inspirations for new words come from (synonyms) and Google’s image search.


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