Ten Proven Ways That Kill Depression – A Year In Review.

“Woman” – by Jill 111

After 25 years of near daily suffering, three carried out suicide attempts and other things very bad, I’ve been struggling towards actual victories. The first true victory came this last summer of 2016 and I managed to live four whole months without depression, which was a personal record. Last autumn I lost my focus and began neglecting the very things that had helped me in the past. Pride comes before the fall they say, and I certainly proved that during this first half of the winter of 2016. Depression can go fuck itself and it’s possible to win!

These are some of the things I’ve used successfully to silence depression in 2016. Click on the links for more indepth articles on SuccessPinnacles.Com.

  1. Food. This has been the fastest way to persistent recovery so far.
    “The Foods I Eat To Avoid Depression.”
  2. Keeping a good posture. This one is super important and the easiest to implement right away, though hard to maintain and goes hand in hand with our mindset.
    “A Super Duper Negativity Quick Fix.”
  3. A mindful attitude towards how I react to feelings and thoughts. Becoming the victim of our inner bs. is a trap for depression and anxiety.
    “A Simple Mind-hack That Will Have You Own Every Situation.”
  4. Focus on appreciation over expectations. It sucks when our expectations aren’t met. Appreciation on the other hand, that is like a sweet Sunday.
    “What Is Rejection And Why Does It Hurt So Much.”
  5. Limited time around negative people. I can be extremely negative and it doesn’t help being around likeminded people. Toxic mentality is like the flu, it leaves no one behind.
    “You become the average of the five people you spend most time with.” – Jim Rohn.
  6. Meditation. Not only has it cleared out a lot of my inner b.s., it also increases stress resiliance.
  7. Remind myself that my life is after all, quite darn good. I’m not in a concentration camp and I woke up this morning. There isn’t anything to complain about most of the time.
  8. Limited news intake. Good news don’t sell advertising, otherwise you’d only read about the other 99% of the world that was doing great today.
  9. No conspiracy theories. I used to be all in on that shit. Conspiracy theories are like the worst news on steroids. Ever seen a mentally stable person tell you how the world is coming to an end?
  10. Going clean from Marijuana and sober from Alcohol. This has been a major struggle and it begins with facing the fact, that we abuse substances because it’s too hard to deal with the underlying issues.
    “How I Defeated Addiction.”Getting in physical shape it still on the agenda, but let’s not fool our selves, it does work. Furthermore, check out this article aswell:
    “Desperation Destroys Everything, Unless Your Lifestyle Prevents It.”

It’s time to get back on the horse and live up to my mission with this site here; showing other people the way towards a better mental health and that can only be done by being a living example. Christmas is coming, so item nr. 1 is proving to be a struggle, I try to at least eat healthy most of the time. Can’t wait to afford my fitness plan this coming January!

Thank you for reading and I really hope my work is making a difference in your life.



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