A Super Duper Negativity Quick Fix.

“Sport” by Keifit

Whenever I use this little trick, the day becomes so much easier.

To turn a dreadful day around towards some inner sunshine, walk around with a straight spine. It’s that simple. Additionally, think about something, or someone nice that you care about, or something funny. The idea is to walk around proud and happy, with your chin levelled with the ground, your chest out and your arms free. This will also increase your attractiveness by far.

When depressed, this can be quite difficult to get done, because in that state, it’s unattractive to be attractive. By forcing my spine to be straight on a rainy day, I actually get back pain. So hang in there, this can take some time to get done and if it’s too much today, take a rest and get back at it tomorrow. A quick way of getting this done, is to lift your shoulders all the way up and then let them fall backwards. If you do it right, your chest should pump out.

To enhance your posture further, try a tiny bit of back exercises, push-ups, planking and so forth. It doesn’t have to be much, a tiny little bit helps quite a bit.

The reason why this works is explained in the viral video below.

Enjoy your day and straighten up!



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