Mastering Life Is Easy Once You Find Your Way.

“Beach” by Poperopop

When life becomes complex, you simplify your attitude.

After a pretty much life long dwelling in darkness, I have finally found the way to not let things such as depression and anxiety get to me, not to mention stressful events. I simply don’t give a fuck.

Life can be such a bitch and I’m now quick to throw up the middle finger on things that can become a disturbance. My way is not people pleasing one bit, I’ve wasted a great many years of being there for too many that took me for granted, and now at the age of Forty, I simply don’t give a shit any more.

You have to come first.

As long as I’m allright, I can take care of my nr. 1. This is such a sweet position to be in. No longer is it my fault that people go to war, or why some people end up homeless or why the Danish Government just gave them selves around 10 million dollars for an early christmas present, while children here are stillborn because the ever failing system here lacks funds. Just because these politicians over here are ugly pieces of shits, doesn’t mean that I will allow such things to take me out of balance again, all though writing about this particular child, rushes blood through my veins of justice. The Danish Government can go fuck itself, because that’s all they can be used for.

This happens all the time in the poorest countries in the world and who says that children in Denmark should stand a better chance than those in the slums of India?

If your resources are limited, be careful about whom you help.

I have wasted so much time, energy and money on helping other’s and hardly every does that lead to more than being taken for granted. The list of people whom I really owe something, is a very small one. The way towards happiness seems to be through egoism. I have tried for a very long time, giving, giving and giving more and it’s a horrible business model. It turned me into a free meal for predators and wonderful opportunities with very few people.

Thanks to Capitalism, as opposed to the dying Socialism over here, I have an amazing opportunity to get back on my feet. I envision a new home recording studio in the future, to get back to music and heal that way.

Changing your style for money, can be a major drag.

Some well meaning and well knowing people have pointed out that this blog is too diverse to be turned into a product. Well, this is me, I’m interested in everything and if it becomes an obstacle to money, then it’s good that I can always get a job in the supermarket, once I become healthy again. See, I never blog with a purpose. All these articles are improvised via fast typing and automatic thought. My fingers simply move as my brain pours out the ideas, sometimes so fast I can barely keep up on the keyboard.

When life becomes complex, you simplify your attitude.

That is our lesson for today and now that I’m helping you for free, I’m going to take advantage of the opportunity to advertise my guitar skills.

Take care.


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