Things You Can Do When That Deep Feeling Of Sadness Comes.

“Young” by Genesis 3g

When life seems totally meaningless, there are ways to deal with it and that feeling gives you the right to take some time off, to recover.

I call this feeling “artificial” depression, because it can appear out of nowhere on an otherwise good day. In the past, I would give in to this feeling and start to think negative thoughts. That is a dangerous crossing point in my experience, because when feelings become thoughts, they can become actions too. It will make things like rejection and pressure seem like the end of the world and I know for a fact, again based on personal experiences, that if this feeling gets to manifest itself long enough, it can lead to suicidal thoughts. If you’re reading this and worry about a loved one, check out my previous post on “How To Spot And Stop Suicide In Some People.”

What I do is quite simple actually. I start by telling people I’m down, that will sort out who’s supportive and whom to safe for happier days. I call this the friends/acquaintances sorting mechanism. We can’t expect support from everybody, so it’s good to know whom to ask next time and whom to only hang out with. I see no reason to go revengful on acquaintances after experiences like this, maybe they simply can’t help because of their own issues. Maybe they just can’t understand, we all have our reasons for everything, usually based on past experiences.

Create your “me” time if you can and embrace the opportunity to heal. If you’re feeling like this, it’s because you’ve worked hard on something else and this is a well deserved holiday that you have every right to enjoy.

The next step is to try and create a “me” time and that can be things like saying no to overtime and/or social gatherings already confirmed. It’s also ok to just say your sick if your boss is not understanding, some people require a little lying to be nice and this feeling should last more than the day if you don’t allow it to become thoughts.

Once I have my “me” time, I do things like eating what I want, falling asleep if I have to and just watch stuff that helps my mind wander. It can be everything from mindblowing documentaries to comic relief. My personal reference would be people like Louis CK. because his nasty style fits my attitude at those moments and he’s funny as hell too.

If you can get caressing from your loved ones, go for it. You’re in their lives for a reason and they are in your life for a reason. If not, try and get away and enjoy your free time in your favourite place of comfort.

If you’re in a relationship, this is your baby time, where you just recline into the embrace of your partner and have them caress you like a pet. If you’re a parent and your child is feeling empty like this, drop what you have, nothing in life is THAT important. Children come first, the world comes second.

Other things that have helped me quite a bit, are long warm showers, swimming and water time in general. Not that I swim, I just lie there like a dead fish and do nothing. For relaxing in general, a friend of mine keeps telling me to go on YouTube for “Sleeping music for babies.” That stuff is like a sleeping pill.

In other words, when life feels like a big black hole of sadness, that is your right to do what ever you want that makes you feel better, as long as no one, including yourself, gets hurt.

Stay warm, cozy and nice to yourself!

Thank you for reading and may today bring, peace, love and joy to you and yours,




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