Why Bi-Polar People Should Be Careful With Illegal Marijuana.

“weed” by danielfsnink

Sativa in the morning, indica in the evening.

A few years ago, a friend explained to me the difference between the two basic types of marijuana, cannabis sativa and cannabis indica. The Sativa fuels one with increased energy and Indica is the ideal strain to fall alseep on.

What most people don’t realize, smokers and dealers included, is that there is a huge difference in the medical effects, and the high aswell, of the countless different variations of weed. The number of cannabinoids involved is large and two of the main players in smokers high, THC and CBD, differ significantly in proportions from strain to strain. The word cannabis can find it’s way into thousands of medical patents.

When buying illegal weed, there is no way of saying what one will get. An addict’s life is certainly like a box full of chocolates.

Another thing to keep in mind, is that personality changes may occur in long term users, and sometimes we simply become assholes.

The unpredictability of Bi-Polar, requires a controlled supply of drugs.

Bi-Polar with it’s ups and downs can be held at bay with cannabis, even though the addiction factor is quite high because of the relief it gives from the stress related symptoms that many Bi-Polar people deal with. The problem is that we don’t always know when we begin swinging down or up and it’s close to impossible to anticipate what kind of weed we buy on the black market.

Anxious people might furthermore suffer from paranoja, which is a typical side effect for any new smoker. At worst, I suspect that a manic episode might end in cannabis-induced psychosis. It did feel like it once. I don’t understand psychosis though, because I’ve never been there.

During a manic episode, a sweet soft indica could help some people, I know it does for me, to calm down and stay a bit closer to the reality of my actions. As during a depressed episode, Sativa with it’s mind clearing effects and energized nature, lifts me up and clears out the mental confusion from the depression. I’ve used Sativa to get me into the gym.

The problem and big danger with an uncontrolled supply of mariujana, is when smoking Sativa during a manic episode and indica during a depressed one. Sativa during a manic period runs our heads in super overdrive, more than just the mania itself and for those that understand, it needs no explanation on the dangers of such a mixture. Indica during a depressed period can render people into careless zombies and prolong the depression, because it’s harder to get out of an indica smoking period, than a sativa one, atleast in my experience.


Marijuana, when chosen to relief mental illness, is a symptom relief drug and should be respected as such, both by society and the user, to avoid addiction. An overall healthy lifestyle will most likely deliver better longterm results than any drugs.

In my personal experience, from a Bi-Polar perspective, smoking weed has not proven to be beneficial enough to justify the majority of times I have smoked.

I still support the legalization of ALL narcotics for personal use, because it will help us bring the real problems behind the addiction into light. Being seen as a criminal makes people run and hide and then the drugs become a major issue.

What are your thoughts on this article?

Thank you for reading and may today bring peace, love and understanding to you and yours,



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