How To Fend Off Depression in the Making – Part 1.

girl-102829_1280What we want, is a choice made by our subconscious.

According to science, we don’t make decisions, our subconscious does while we are busy being alive. In fact, I read somewhere that the subconscious makes our decisions before we even know. Armed with that knowledge, I have been working on my head, through one thought after the other in great analytical detail, turning shame, guilt and worthlessness around towards positivity. This is now happening on autopilot after 5-6 weeks of a lot of work every day. My subconscious finally got the message and now believes that all things bad are to be learned from and not to be caught up in.

It was a very complex process and I can’t remember everything I did, nor will I share the most brutal exercises, because you have to be totally fearless to do it so quick. Some of the issues were very dark, and not something I recommend all people doing alone. Having that said, I hope to develop a general approach that anyone can use to stop depression in the making. One of the exercises I did, was to freeze my feelings and go brutally cold on any thought or feeling, while I was working them out. During that time, I actually worried if I was turning into a psychopath, yet fortunately the cold became warm and now I’m more sympathetic than before.

My method requires you to postpone judgement, arrogance and hatred.

Furthermore, I had to free my mind as much as possible. If you insist on seeing a difference between the values of socialism and capitalism for one, or the bad sides for that matter, then this approach wont work, as it requires you to go way deep beneath your believes and opinions. Whatever the situation, you must find something positive, anything really and even if it’s close to nothing, you can still choose to see the positive part being the mere training to free your mind of your own opinions. When our focus is on the positive, the solutions to our problems can come quite fast. Like an assembly line of Ah-a moments.

It helps a lot doing research on how other people have dealt with horrible situations. Viktor Frankl, a holocaust survivor, said that we have to find a meaning with every situation. That meaning can be hard to see and when we give into the darkness that fuels depression, we can end up travelling a very long road in the dark, with no perceivable end in sight. Still, there is an opportunity in every single negative thought we have during such times, an opportunity to say; “no more, now I start changing the situation around.”

Understanding takes a lot of time and effort.

Even after realizing this and even though I kept working on this full-time for a few weeks, there were of course pitfalls and moments of doubt. It is this doubt that can lead us away from the meaning and into the dark. More often than not, when I thought I was finally out of the dark, that doubt would sneak back in, almost completely invisible and silent, and suddenly I was back in the ring, boxing my inner voice.

The only answer I have to that situation, is to keep on trying and keep on stepping forward. Accept the falls and get back up. I see depression as a symptom that comes and goes with lifestyle. Certain choices over time lead to certain results in the end. By staying on the positive, our subconscious grows the happy connections stronger and stronger and eventually this becomes a routine, to choose things that bring us on the lighter side of the spectrum of life.

Patience, understanding and preparation will create your winning mind.

Thank you for reading and keep working on yourself,


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