Creating Habits Can Take Much More Than 66 Days.


Your life is pretty much routines, whether you like it or not.

One of the more powerful weapons towards success, is installing new and improved habits. There is quite a bit of science out there, stating everything from 2 weeks up to sixty six days. These scientists probably cared more about looking good on paper than finding the truth, because it’s a myth, in my personal experience.

I met a leadership coach once that claimed that it takes a full 180 days to enter the gym on will-power before it’s manifested as a stable routine. Again, I think it’s wrong to state an exact number, because somewhere else I read that some studies show it differs from person to person, somewhere between 14 and 264 days. Some homeless people never really come back to society, even after they get an apartment.

Science isn’t always right.

Patience is absolute key here, because when we expect science to deliver and it can’t, life gets complicated in these days where science has become religion. In my case, I did the same things almost by the clock for four months, because I liked the results that came in very fast. Then I took a week or two off and now my behaviour is like it was a year ago. In a way, my brain has gone homeless again.

I think I know why though, my surroundings are the same they were a year ago and it feels secure doing what I do, even if my breakfast no longer is healthy, it feels healthier mentally eating garbage. It actually lifts my mood, even though my better inner voice is trying to talk sense into me. I find it incredibly interesting, that triggers from the past can override consistent and hard work so fast and effortlessly, even when science claims otherwise.

Some routines get created without our consent.

Nothing bad moves me anymore, it’s a survival mechanism that installed itself last year, so I won’t waste much time wondering if I’ll ever get where I would like to. My expectations are simple now, I hope to wake up tomorrow and if that happens, I expect from the world that I will deliver my best, also when it’s none.

It also wonder if we actually know what we want to achieve in life. Perhaps there is a higher wisdom than our desires, that would direct us to an even better place than our goals, if we just surrendered to it. That’s how I feel these days, to just drift through life and try and be the best I can in the process. To aim for a billion dollars, seems like a rather unambitious goal, when there are things of a much greater spiritual awesomeness waiting at the corner of Patience Boulevard and Sufferers Avenue.

Keep going, one day you wont even think about what used to be an obstacle.

Thank you for reading and may your brain obey you one day,



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