Success Can Also Mean A Little Bit Of Everything.

reptile-316735It’s ok to switch from one thing to the other and back, throughout life.

One of the biggest reasons I haven’t got anything magnificent to show for at the age of forty is that I change my course from time to time and yet somehow always get back to all of these things again. You can argue that it’s better to finish one project and capitalize on that so that you have the freedom to do anything else afterwards, instead of wasting time on being an employee when you have other dreams.

This kind of mentality has been a major guilt factor over the years because of the simple reason I felt like I was letting people down that believed in me. As opposed to gradually get to the finish line, day by day, on a single project and deliver that as they might have expected, before moving on to the next.

We have become so free, it’s time to identify personally what success means.

For the last two months or so, I’ve been near religious about my breakfast and daily routines. It got to the point I conquered depression, came up with two massive business ideas on hold until I gather what I need, and now I want to get back to music. I don’t care anymore how people see me, I care a whole lot about how I see me. The word failure is a failure in itself. It is now called learning to grow.

Success in itself can also be describe with three questions:

  1. Am I happy?
  2. Am I strong?
  3. Am I growing?

You like a lot of different things? Why not do them all?

One thing I do exceptionally well is associating thoughts. I’ve met only one person that does that better than I do. Being a chameleon has it’s benefits. I want to do music, business, charity, change the world, become a super human, travel and experience mind-blowing things.

This is simple. All it takes is a certain lifestyle and a non-profit business venture that travels the world, performing improvised music in mind-blowing locations, fundraising money to help people become super humans. Imagine a homeless heroin addict. I see no reason why that person shouldn’t win the Olympics or work as a global leader.

Do what you want and make the rest of us happy, that’s it really.

Thank you for reading and may you enjoy your life,



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