A Simple Mind-Hack That Will Have You Own Every Situation.


You are here and now, the rest are thoughts you may not need.

I’ve been falling off the horse a bit lately and began turning back to my long gone loser’s and victim mentality and by doing so through some sheer luck, figured out how not to fall prey to our inner talk, past emotions and expectations gone wrong. What I do now, since last Friday is incredibly simple. I remind myself that whatever is going on in my head are only thoughts, I’m still here and now, standing on my two feet and nothing has changed for real.

For the last three days, I’ve been going to my old bar, because I was socially bored. Each time I’ve had one beer and each time the aftermath has been this voice in my head that begins complaining about nothing. Each time I’ve had an opportunity to fall back into my old totally self-destructive life. But it didn’t happen this time, contrary to my past, because I kept reminding myself that these are only thoughts and have nothing to do with today.

How to apply this in a real life situation.

Imagine this. A person gets fired and goes down mentally because they’ve lost their job. Either way, if they will remain employed until the actual day or if the firing is immediate, they still have time to hand out resumés and apply for new jobs. Yes it will suck and the rejections will be harsh to face, but this can also be seen as an opportunity to become a bad-ass via facing endless rejection. Losing a job is one thing, losing the relationships at your place of work is something completely different. If it means money problems today, the worst attitude one can choose, is giving up.

Think about a past event where your life fell apart. It can be that the event still dominates your mind, your emotions or even your body. Yet, the event itself is long gone, what is left, are the consequences. But do the consequences really have to stick around? Is it possible that the consequences are still dominating your behaviour because you simply haven’t learnt to let go?

Let go off the past. You have a life to live in the present and your future awaits.

You know what I do to win every day, even when that inner voice is making noise? I say the same thing to myself each and every time: “Fuck the past.” Simple as that. The past is what it is, the present however, that is entirely up to which attitude we choose. The future becomes a compilation of whatever we choose in each present moment.

Once you get better at letting the past be what it is, better at staying positive in the now and better at creating the kind of future you want, you will of course find your present moment to be better and better. The better it gets, the better choices you make and the better choices you make, the better it gets.

Start creating a better future now and I mean right now.

Thank you for reading and enjoy the winning,

Hölli Vals.


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