How To Stop Insanity From Anxiety In The Making.

girl-1566856_1280Yet again, my lifestyle choices have proven their worth.

Last Friday I had a bunch of obligations, perhaps too many and as I was about to go to sleep, my mind was in a potentially harmful overdrive. I understand the risk of letting the mind take over when it’s driving at 400 miles per hour, as I several months ago in the same state, planned to hang myself to get a peace of my mind. I didn’t want to die though, so I went partying instead.

What was different this time and for the first time in my life, is that I managed to pull myself out of the countless worrying and conflicting thoughts demanding attention, all of them simultaneously. The scenario was like being screamed at by a group of people while feeling totally hopeless. Then by some stroke of luck, or perhaps a proof of a healthy lifestyle, I managed to remind myself that I was after all, just lying in bed with nothing else going on.

Putting an end to anxiety, is like finally getting that holiday after weeks of overtime.

It was like waking up from a nightmare, literally. It’s amazing how much a little perspective can do, not least when fear is in total control. Today is Sunday and I’m still drained energy wise from this experience, but also peaceful and confident that there aren’t many obstacles left in life to conquer. If I stick to what I know that works, I will get back to 100% within a few days because of my lifestyle.

This is the time for you to try and relax as much as you can. It would be wise to plan the coming weekends as much for sleep as possible. No partying, just Netflix and your bed, until your brain has had enough relaxation. Trust me, you will know when it’s over and when you’re ready to be more active again.

Be patient and erase the word failure from the dictionary. It is called learning from now on.

Working on yourself is a massive undertaking and it can feel as if nothing is happening the first few months. Then as you get better at it and more consistent, bigger steps can be taken each time, with less time passing in between. Creating new habits takes quite some time and getting rid of old habits, can take even longer time. Check out “Neuroplasticity” for a better understanding on the shaping of habits and behaviour. I have intentionally linked to a book I read about the subject which has made my personal development propel forward.

If you are struggling with personal development, give it time and be grateful for being alive and also when you fall of the horse. No one ever made it consistently every day. All winners fall on their paths and how long it takes to succeed is individual. The doctors kept telling me to just wait, I hated it, but they turned out to be right in the end.

When your mind has had it, that’s when you start chillin’ for real.

Thank you for reading and take it easy,

Hölli Vals.


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