Proper Posture: A Simple Way To Improve Your Bad-Assness.

woman-1209866_1280Your posture has a strong effect on your thoughts.

My selfworth was a massive issue for a great many years. When I was fifteen, walking across the hallway at school crossing happily confident kids, I would do things like press my face and palms against the walls because I was so shy. When I was seventeen I imagined the people in my hometown saying things about me like; “Damn, he’s so ugly, why doesn’t he kill himself.”

When I was twenty three, I kept telling myself “I’m forced to be broken and bowed.” My posture was always that of a hunchback. I contemplated suicide more than once a day on average for like twenty years. Today I have the confidence to announce that I might be the first person to own one trillion dollars, in cash. All of my very big dreams will come true. My posture is also the opposite of who I was.

Fixing your posture will reduce stress and increase your attractiveness.

After I got my posture in check, my mind is at so much more ease. My basic facial expression has turned from fear to boss and as a man, I now enjoy countless smiles from attractive females throughout the day. Life is all about being prepared and proper posture is a basic life skill that will make or break the best romantic opportunities.

Maintaining posture by mere thought is quite the hard task and often leads to back pain, so in order for your life to flow better, getting that spine in order is a great strategy. Yoga, meditation, exercise, proper diet, stretching, massage and winner’s mentality are the tools I use to keep my spine straight. As for society, I walk around like a warrior would.

The scientific proof for my success is found in the video below:

Get that spine in order now!

Thank you for reading and may you stand tall and strong,



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