Living Happily With Bi-Polar Disorder, Without Medication. Do’s & Don’ts.


Being forced to take 100% responsibility for my life has been a blessing.

After some serious consideration, I don’t think I actually have Bi-Polar, because it doesn’t make sense that a person can stop depression and manias with natural ways, not according to what I have heard from patients and doctors. Nevertheless, I was diagnosed, so please understand that what I have done worked for me and I refuse to take the responsibility shall you enter a manic state from trying out my methods.

Even though the diagnosis was made by one head doctor at a psychiatric hospital and two shrinks, I am still somewhat sceptical on whether I have this Bi-Polar thing or not. Yet, some days in my past seem to match the description very well, and I have decided to keep the symptoms and trigger events for the symptoms in mind for the sake of safety, as I keep adjusting my lifestyle towards superior health.

Superior to me, means being in tune and touch with nature and as healthy as my DNA and changes I can make to my DNA allows for (epigenetics.) Here below are my four important lists of some of the things I do and don’t do. Keep in mind that I am single and unemployed at the time of writing, which gives me a near 24/7 control over my life.

Things I dont’ do, to kill stress and avoid mania.

  1. Stay in groups of talking people, like cafés, bars, cafeterias etc.
  2. Listen to radio or background music I can’t choose, like workplace radio’s.
  3. Watch TV that I don’t program. I love Netflix! Don’t have TV though.
  4. Drink all the coffee I want.
  5. Eat sugar and processed sweets.

Things I don’t do, to keep me happy and avoid depression.

  1. Watch, read or listen to conspiracy theories.
  2. Watch, read or listen to the news.
  3. Socialize with negative people.
  4. Socialize with people that put my dreams down.
  5. Stress myself when I don’t get things done.

Things I do to keep myself in balance and avoid mania.

  1. Start the day by working out.
  2. Meditate.
  3. Watch, read and listen to inspiring winner mentality stuff.
  4. Listen to instrumental music and ocean sounds when working.
  5. Remind myself that life is wonderful almost all the time.

Things I do to keep myself in balance and avoid depression.

  1. Eat natural foods high in quality nutrients.
  2. Exercise almost every day.
  3. Spend time with my daughter.
  4. Watch, read and listen to funny stuff.
  5. Train my brain by playing my guitar, go dancing or solve puzzles.

I also sleep as much as I have to and take naps most days, from 30-60 minutes.
On top of all of this, I do what every human being should do every day. Get some fresh air outside and focus on doing things I love, so that I can love what I do. I am also completely sober drugs and near 100% on alcohol. In the future I would like to add Yoga and Martial Arts to my daily routines.

This is not a quick fix, but A LOT of consistent work on a daily basis.

My daughter doesn’t live at my place, so the apartment is very quiet. I can do this without medication because my lifestyle is based on a 24/7 awareness on things that could bring me too far up or down. It has taken me some months to reach this balance, so please don’t take this article as an advice to stop your medication or not start using it. Remember that I have no actual responsibilities on a daily basis right now, except for taking care of my health.

One more thing I have to add, is that I am extremely cautious of things that use our reward system and can create addictions, such as Facebook, computer games, and other weakness generating things. I prefer being able to face a lion and choke it to death with my bare hands the minute I wake up. Internal strength and mental preparation are absolute key elements here!

My dream life would be something like growing my own food, living in nature, close to a forest and the ocean, with a tiny recording studio, a handful of instruments and co-operating with mind blowing people dropping by to work on ideas that would change the world, like ending depression by 2025.

And a wife so the home would be alive and beautiful.

To make it short. I don’t think Bi-Polar existed 10 thousand years ago.

Thank you for reading and my your path be as helpful to you as mine has been to me,



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